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  1. I've tried to compress it. It won't compress. I've tried sending from a different disk. Each time, there is a long period of waiting at 0% and then it times-out. So it would seem the file is too large for a number of processes. Is there another way ?
  2. Hmm... The uploading is just sitting at 0% with a little whirly thing going round..
  3. Hi, The PC is an Intel i7 3770K @3.5GHz Win 7 64bit with 16Gb RAM. Uploading now... Cheers, Steve
  4. I have an instant crash on trying to load a 4.2Gb tiff file that does open on GIMP 2.10.8 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. I can load a 1.8Gb tiff file on said machine.
  5. I have managed to find some different NIK software that was released for free and also have managed to get this working with Affinity Photo. However, AP has crashed the moment it was required to open a 4.2Gb tiff file ... So to me, AP doesn't seem to be able to load or process bigger image files ...
  6. swmcl-affinity

    Linux Support

    The idea that it is 'too hard' to make software for Linux nowadays is pure BS. There is something else going on behind the scenes. Maybe they're being paid not to !! The idea that Linux is a whole heap of pain and frustration is also pretty much pure BS except in the case of extremely new concept hardware or specialist / rarer hardware. In mainstream hardware and older hardware there is very little issue. I have almost been exclusively using Linux for a decade. Some programs are impossible to replace of course but things are getting better by the day. I do agree that special software will not be available for Linux in my lifetime I suspect. I also have a conspiracy theory that there is a 'go slow' button being pressed in the case of LibreOffice / OpenOffice and also GIMP. I think it took GIMP 15 years to get to the point of having more than 8 bits per channel !! These two software providers need to do some crowdfunding or something. Just doing the basics right should be a priority rather than trying to half-implement some feature or other (go deep not wide to start out with ...) In the case of Affinity it is a policy not a particularly difficult technical mountain that is stopping production. Just my 2 cents ...
  7. If it is the case that I cannot run the Nik suite, is there a replacement ? Bearing in mind I am using very large files (up to 11.2Gb per image) at full 16bit per channel (large format - 8x10 - photography).
  8. Thanks for the support I do appreciate it. I ran through the video and I ended up with only one plugin showing, that being Analog Efex Pro 2 and I believe the version is 1.2.11. Have I got a version of the Nik software that is too new ? If so, I'll need to get an older version somehow. Cheers, Steve
  9. One of the reasons I thought I'd try Affinity Photo was because it was supposed to accept Photoshop plugins - Nik software in particular. I paid lots for my Nik software and I can't get it to run with Affinity Photo. I'd hate to buy it again so can I ask where things are at with regard to this software ? I saw a site somewhere that spoke of the plugin compatiblities and Nik at least seemed to be in the same state of compatibility 3 years ago (2015) I thought. Has there been a bunch of work gone into this that I haven't seen ?
  10. swmcl-affinity

    Affinity on Linux

    Ooops. Sorry. I didn't want to start / re-start any heated discussions ... Tell ya what ... I'll pay ya $300US for my perpetual copy on baremetal Linux OK ? (Assuming Windows / MacOS users pay $80US) :-) Crowdfunding wouldn't work because of the long-term nature of the work I'm thinking. Let's close this thread now ...
  11. Are there plans to release onto a more generic Linux platform ? Ubuntu / Mint / Debian for example...
  12. I'm suspecting the answer is "No" because of the graphics issues with VM's right ? Bare metal only... Cheers, Steve
  13. Yowie ! You allow for a huge size ! WOW. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Hi, What is the largest filesize for a photo in Affinity please ? I am a large format photographer. Common film sizes are 4x5 inches, 5x7 inches and 8x10 inches. When scanned on a common consumer flatbed scanner like Epson v700, v750, v800 or v850 these photos generate comparably very large filesizes. eg. an 8x10 photo scanned at 4800dpi and 16 bits/channel is ... ( ( (8x4800) x (10x4800) ) x 48 ) / 8 ) bytes which is a little over 11Gb per image. I am fairly sure I can't get a refund on Affinity if it cannot handle these large filesizes. Thanks, Steve