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    Thomas-B reacted to larsh in PUB: set anker (?) as page number?   
    Thanks Walt. That´s not what I looked for (all my pages have one frame for pics and one for text; one kind of pic uses the pic frame as portrait, if a landscape is set it is done between the margins; sometimes something is written on a page). 
    My situation: on one page, say 26, is a text and therein written: look to the pic on p. 93.
    Later I delete p. 86/ 87. The pic is now on p. 91. So on p. 26 must be changed 93 to 91. 
    May be a later version brings ist. The best, lars
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    Thomas-B got a reaction from Wosven in Book publishing   
    Merci pour l'info !
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    Merci pour l'info !
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    Thomas-B reacted to JET_Affinity in Progress with the Affinity Designer feature road map (split)   
    So who says you have to "switch"?
    If there were things I absolutely had to be able to do that I simply could not do without Illustrator, then  obviously, I would have to use Illustrator for those things. There aren't, and I don't. But even if there were, how does that preclude my using Affinity, Canvas, Draw, DrawPlus, Gravit, Inkscape, Xara Designer for many (or even most) other things? (It doesn't, and I do.)
    The way so many people in the vector drawing segment talk, one would think there is some law that you can only use one drawing program. If there is, I've been breaking that law since the beginning of the "desktop graphics revolution."
    It's not so much that way in other graphics software genres. Drafters, game developers, video producers, photographers--you name it--commonly use multiple programs and routinely switch between them, even sometimes within a given project.
    Illustrator has a few features unique to it. But that's just as  true of all the others. I quit paying for Adobe apps as soon as the rental-only license scheme was announced. The money I was  paying for Adobe software until version CS6 pays for most of the other graphics software I use.
    Illustrator has been around since the mid 80s, and it still fails to provide dimension tools, user-defined drawing scale, support for full multi operator expressions in value fields, proper shape primitives (what is more basic than that?), connector objects, a full-featured find and replace, axonometric grids, hairline stroke weight, and much more. Evidently, that didn't keep many of its users from "switching" to it in search of the mythical "do it all" program.
    I'm sorry, but those with this oft-repeated "I still can't switch" complaint are simply habituated to Illustrator's convoluted, confused, scattered, cluttered interface; and not just to its abilities, but also to its limitations. Logically, it makes about as much sense as would my complaining that I can't "switch" from my table saw to my jig saw.
    I can't "switch" from my dualsport motorcycle to my trials bike. Heck, I can't even bring myself to "switch" between my two trials bikes (one a 2-stroke; the other a 4-stroke).
    In the drawer next to me, I have these ostensibly "do it all" multi-tools:
    The original Leatherman (the one with the full-size pliers) A Leatherman Juice (a more compact one with pliers) A Leatherman Micra (more compact still, but has a really good scissor) A Victorinox Sailor (even has a splicing fid!) An early Craftsman (has a hex bit socket) … and others.
    I sometimes prefer one over the others, depending on whether I'm on the dualsport, the trials bike, the sailboat, or just fiddling around the house. But the one by far most often in my pocket is hardly the one most "fully equipped": A pretty standard medium size Victorinox, because it has the all-important (to me) T-handle Philips, pliers (albeit tiny), and tweezers; and because it doesn't have a stupid, useless corkscrew.
    But be it shop tools, motorcycles, pocket knives, or drawing software, if I suddenly had to rent any one of them to keep using it, it would be gone in short order. And I'd do just fine without it.

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