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  1. Thank you for the time you took. I have now installed a trial version of Framemaker and one of QuarkXpress. Framemaker really seems a little too expensive for my small one-man business. I also have the impression that the new 2020 version of Xpress covers most of the features I am looking for. A reference to its page number can be defined for a defined anchor. Long, complex documents are obviously not a problem. It also looks like Quark has lowered prices drastically. I remember prices over $ 1000 when I got interested years ago. The new version is currently available for USD 395.–. Maybe we have to thank Affinity for its aggressive pricing policy.
  2. I would like to inform you that these features missing in Affinity Publisher are a big problem for me. I started editing 18 printed books in which the cross-reference function would be of great help. There are up to 100 such references per book. Some of them are references that refer to previous volumes. So there is an example of the sentence in Vol 7 "... as I mentioned in Vol 2, Lesson 5.2, page 42, ..." This example therefore requires a reference between two different afpub files. In my opinion, this should be possible. Such a reference has been possible for years in Excel, for example. These 18 books are also published as e-books. At the moment I am still creating all e-books "by hand". That means I create xhtml, opf and ncx files manually in a text editor. Also with an index (of about 10 pages in the printed version). Example of this printed version (created on Affinity Publisher): https://www.amazon.fr/Cerveau-son-fonctionnement-Psychosyntérèse-U-M/dp/1695360907/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Le+Cerveau+et+son+fonctionnement+I&qid=1595160754&quartzVehicle=77-946&replacementKeywords=le+cerveau+et+son+fonctionnement&sr=8-1 I also have the general impression that the current version of Affinity Publisher is not suitable for long technical documents. Of the 18 books mentioned above, which represent a course in psychology and neurology, each volume has about 120 pages. If someone wants to write a technical book with several hundred pages, which contains a lot of diagrams and figures, as well as a detailed index, I have the impression that AP is too slow. I understand that you don't want to talk publicly about your plans. But I can't wait very long because I have to edit the books mentioned. What do you think I should do? Test Adobe FramMaker?
  3. I have the same problem with 3 files. Same problem also on 3 different installations, with always the same files.
  4. Thank you for your highly appreciated answer. Your file is a great help for me! Concerning your remark "space between number’. Thank you for your remark. In French and German the usage is quote ( ' ). This lead me to some confusions I have to correct, thank you ! http://www.dicoklein.ch
  5. I guess I am on the same bandwagon. I published via amazon the following dictionaries: https://www.amazon.com/Dicoklein-lexique-medical-Vol-1-DICOKLEIN/dp/1539985415/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1535978840&sr=8-7&keywords=dicoklein Please click on ‘Look inside’ and go to page 7 to have look what I mean. Total number of pages is around 600 per volume. All the titles and text around the content is made in Serif PP. The content itself (translations, lines that are alternately gray/white is importede to PP from PDF-files. I think actually with APublisher this is not possible to produce).
  6. I totally agree with this. I work daily with Antidote.
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