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  1. Thomas-B

    Problems with charset

    OK, that works. Thank your for your help !
  2. Thomas-B

    Problems with charset

    My system is Windows 10 64bit Processor Intel Core i7 3930K CPU The only font I have installed in addition to the existing fonts is Lato. Before installing .221, I never had this problem.
  3. Since I have problems with charset (description below). My keyboard layout is Swiss French.
  4. Since I have problems with charset. My keyboard layout is Swiss French. Please see in the attached file. AP-problem-charset.pdf
  5. On my keyboard with layout Swiss French, when I tap "AltGr" + "´" followed by "E", the result is : ´´E But the resulting character should be : É The correct result is only possible with "alt" + (numeric keyboard) "0201".
  6. I try to replace in a large amount of text some fake signs due to an error in OCR. Find ¬ and replace with nothing in AP is obviously not possible. (In PPX9 it is possible to do this way). Please se enclosed file. Error report find and replace.pdf
  7. I have the same problem with 3 files. Same problem also on 3 different installations, with always the same files.
  8. Thank you for your highly appreciated answer. Your file is a great help for me! Concerning your remark "space between number’. Thank you for your remark. In French and German the usage is quote ( ' ). This lead me to some confusions I have to correct, thank you ! http://www.dicoklein.ch
  9. I guess I am on the same bandwagon. I published via amazon the following dictionaries: https://www.amazon.com/Dicoklein-lexique-medical-Vol-1-DICOKLEIN/dp/1539985415/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1535978840&sr=8-7&keywords=dicoklein Please click on ‘Look inside’ and go to page 7 to have look what I mean. Total number of pages is around 600 per volume. All the titles and text around the content is made in Serif PP. The content itself (translations, lines that are alternately gray/white is importede to PP from PDF-files. I think actually with APublisher this is not possible to produce).
  10. I totally agree with this. I work daily with Antidote.

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