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  1. Never thought about Appearance Panel ! A bit complicated but it works. Thanks dashlines.afdesign
  2. Is there enough settings to achieve this ? I want to draw the line above. Should I make a special brush ? Additional boxes should be great…
  3. Incredible job ! But I've a doubt about tachymeter : never seen it like this. Normally, 60 is at 12H and 120 at 6H.
  4. OK, I've discovered a new function !
  5. 1.8.2 or 1.8.3, same result substract.afdesign We can do "divide" and do again "substract"
  6. I do this not often but it seems that it was OK with AD 1.7.2 and before.
  7. After a copy/paste between AD > AI, % of CMYK have changed although they have the same color space.
  8. What's wrong ? Affinity Designer 1.7.3 Illustrator CS 4
  9. Fonts seem to be the problem. Non-vectorized fonts > ERROR Vectorized fonts > OK
  10. WTF ? I must replace each picture manually in InDesign instead ONE click… Very good job for me.
  11. Create a new folder resolves the problem but I don't want an AD 1.6 folder and an AD 1.7 folder. I want to replace my existing files !
  12. Changing name resolves anything. I CAN'T NOW EXPORT ANY PNG WITH AD 1.7 and AD 1.6 is not available anymore on my mac. I NEED AN URGENT ANSWER. OS X 10.12.6
  13. Export in PNG Replace the old PNG by the new freezes AD. No warning "Do you want to replace etc". Huge problem…
  14. Prefs > Performance > File Recovery Interval (300 sec by default)
  15. For me, the best workflow today for this is using Illustrator. Unfortunately.
  16. lenogre

    logoist 3.0

    http://www.syniumsoftware.com/logoist It seems to be a very good software with same philosophy of Affinity. I'm going to get a try. Combine both would be great ! Unfortunately, only mac os 10.12 and 10.13
  17. +1 One of my favorite command in photoshop
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