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  1. A little disappointed about Designer. I hoped more…

    A lot of users asked for a shape builder tool. Never use it with Illustrator but we can do the same with the pathfinder. We spend maybe a little more time but we can achieve the result. 

    A Blend shape tool would be more useful.

    No vector pattern and no DXF export too.

    One more thing : Only for Mac OS 10.15+. Not yet for me…

  2. - I need a new computer.

    - Wait, new processors will be arrive

     - Ok, I'm waiting…

    Several months later

    - I really need a new computer

    - Wait again because next year, it will be better !

    - Ok I'm waiting


    - We need to launch affinity 2.0

    - Wait, I will add another new tool/function

    - Ok, we're waiting

    Several months later

    - We really need to launch affinity 2.0

    - Wait because next year, there will be a bunch of new tools/functions

    - Ok, we're waiting


    Conclusion : I prefer to see Affinity 2.0 now with 2 or 3 new tools/functions rather waiting one year with 5 new tools/functions.

    Affinity 1 has been updated step by step. A lot of things have been done between AD 1.2 and AD 1.10.

    I know that consumers will say "I will buy 2.0 only if new features are significant" but you must reassure them telling that a lot of things will arrive next months. 



  3. - vectorizing pictures

    - vector patterns (actually pixel patterns)

    - duplicate along path

    I would like to see this function in a "container"

    Object Duplicate > numbers of copies or length between each copy / start / end 

          - path

          - object

    - gradient between curves

    - deformers

    - noise for gradient (actually only one limited noise)

    - spiral tool

    - perspective grids with vanishing point

    - measurement tool

    - more fields when you do a dotted line (only 4 when sometimes you need 6). I have to use the Appearance panel.

    - 3D tool (extrusion)

    but the most important :

    - new cat objects

  4. On 7/17/2022 at 11:12 PM, AdrianB said:

    Affinity is not yet a fully developed software

    Any software is not a fully developed software. This is the reason why every software has updates !

    I will be happy to pay for AD 2.0 with essential features : vector patterns, blending shapes, converting pixel image in vectors, grids with vanishing point, deformation (with box, lattice, etc), duplicating and editing objects along curves.

    Just one of these features will make me happy !

  5. On 6/13/2021 at 10:11 AM, ra.skill said:

    Just one thing missing… ability to measure curves and shaped lines… very important for precise laser cutting work. 
    Please bring this feature. 

    You can use cinema4d for that. You don't need to buy it. Just run it in demo mode.

    Before to do that, one precision :

    Work in 72 dpi in AD

    1/ Export your draw > eps

    2/ Open it into C4D. Respect the scale factor (Enter 3.528 because internal measures in Adobe are in points… One point is 0,3528mm)

    3/ Select the path you want to know the length

    3/ Go to Mode > Project Info > Structure

    That's all !


  6. Adding a button synchronisation between name and pantone would be great :

    Global color <> Pantone XXX becomes Pantone XXX <> Pantone XXX

    But I can understand this philosophy. We can have a Pantone color for a tittle and a very similar Pantone color for a sub-tittle for example. In this case, I'd rather have "tittle" (global color 1) for Pantone 01 and "sub-tittle" (global color 2) for Pantone 02.

    I remember in InDesign, it was sometimes hard to know which pantone was used because we can't rename it. Pantone is a Pantone.

    So the trick was to add a new color with same CMYK attributes and rename it : "Pantone XXX - tittle" for example.


    I've also noticed a bigger problem. If you import a AD file with global colors, APub doesn't detect any of them.

  7. My english is very poor. I prefer write the less…

    Fortunately, I still have Acrobat Pro 9 to see what happens.

    You can rename "Pantone XXX" > "Donald Trump" if you want, or "Johnny Rotten" in APub, Acrobat will display "Pantone XXX" !

    pantone APub.jpg

  8. Create a shape

    Assign a pantone

    Duplicate the shape

    Assign another pantone

    Duplicate the shape one more time

    Assign another pantone

    And so on.


    1/ APub creates a new palette "document" with the first pantone. OK but the name is not "Pantone XXX" but "Global color 1".

    We need to rename it.

    2/ Others pantone are ignored. We need to create them manually.

    3/ Although shapes 3-4-5, etc have others pantone, they all have "Global color 2" !!!!

    We need to click on each global color to correct it.

    Pantone and global colors are very confusing and not user friendly. I hope you will change this in next releases.

    pantone publisher.jpg

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