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  1. Hi Fernando, what you can do is to use low res images and delete those you don't use .. just for the "designing" phase .. at the end you can replace them with high resolution versions. This is what I did yesterday and seems I can live with it for a while. I wish I could find some better walkaround this problem .. Andrej
  2. Actually I know pretty much about GPU and acceleration. Affinity definitely use in some way a GPU acceleration otherwise the app would be crazy slow compared how responsive otherwise is. What I was thinking all the time is that it looks like the texture uploading problem or something with LOD system that could have something to do with AMD drivers. My GPU have 8GB of VRAM .. so I cannot believe that id could not fit what I use .. so probably not the case. The Warp setting just made the rendering slow and the lag was still there. It's definitely related to the images put into documents, the bigger the image the more lagging. To me it could be a bug. The pictures that I use in the document should fit into VRAM with no problems yet still have lagging. I there are plenty of people on this forum referring to this problem .. and few mentioned that they also had AMD card. It is very important to notice this makes app unusable. I have to optimize my image use and resolution before doing anything and keeping a lot of separate documents. I have also noticed that since I started using snapshot function the lagging is now taking over a minute. Please somebody fix this. Thanks.
  3. Hi, this is freezing that happens to me from the times it was a beta. Everything works smooth but as the complexity of the document is going up the nonobvious lagging starts to appear .. now lags takes around 30s .. it feels like it happens randomly. This freezing forced me to look for a solution or walkaround how I can live with this problem until it will be maybe some day fixed or reduced. I started to use shapshots and it made things a lot worse. I also have an AMD R9 card .. It lags in average every few minutes sometimes even few seconds and it takes up to 30s now .. so you can imagine it's on the edge of usability and it's extremely annoying. The CPU and RAM usage is not spiking or anything .. its just freezed. I love Affinity Designer. This happens in all my documents / projects. I tried to play with performance settings but no change, but to be honest I didn't tried to change the renderer to "Warp" since I was guessing that it will make use of CPU rendering instead of GPU which will make it a lot slower in general. Please do something with this ! Thank you.
  4. andrej7

    Frequent freezing in Designer

    Hello everybody, I have the same problem as all guys above .. this is making the whole app unusable I can barely do anything. It's related to the complexity of the document. The more objects or unique big images the worse. Looks like something is updating but it's totally not obvious what it is. I tried to mess up with performance settings a little bit but no change. I am using version on Windows 10 .. I have AMD GPU R9 390 it have 8GB of VRAM. Newest drivers and updates .. I have this problems from the times it was just a beta .. This is purchased current version. I have mentioned this issues couple of times on this forum (but different threads) I didn't described it as freezing rather than a huge lag and also didn't get any response from developers so I guess it's a known bug or just hard to reproduce so nobody want's to fix it :) It happens very randomly frequently and it takes up to 10 seconds to unfreeze maybe even more. It is always triggered with some action .. selecting, zooming, dragging. I think it doesn't happen when working in the UI panels .. happens only when working on the canvas with objects using mouse. The only solution that I know of is to reduce heavy content to minimum. Maybe to make a copy of the part of the document work on the separate document and then paste back .. Developers please fix this problem .. this is a A critical bug. It happens in all my documents. Best Regards, Andrej
  5. andrej7

    Affinity Designer - 1.5.2

    Hello, I have been waiting for this update since the last update. I was hoping that the issues that I have will be fixed. I don't know where in your priority list are these problems but I would really wonder if they would be too low. Do you plan to fix the Symbols feature ? (this thing is broken really really bad) I still have this long lags (up to 10 second freeze) that happens all the time with no obvious reasons or actions. Like every few minutes irregularly starting something .. it could be anything from scrolling, zooming, selecting to transforming objects .. It's soo annoying that I cannot really work with the project. It is strongly related to complexity of the document. It happens less on smaller documents (lags are shorter). Funny thing is that everything works smoothly (same actions and operations) .. but at some point boom .. freeze. I use Symbols feature for various logo variations and alike. And many times I have a symbols within symbols and this is when it all breaks down .. If this is not going to be fixed I will have to give up and transform all the symbols to regular objects. Unfortunately this will make a lot of extra work for me since I will have to change every single instance everytime. This instancing feature is very powerful and I really would like to see this working. Thank you anyways for amazing piece of software. Best Regards, Andrej
  6. Hello everybody, Using just PNG or GIF might seems as easy and OK option but if you want BEST results you need to have separate image for each scale of the icon, since in some cases the icons are very small and you really have to craft those image on the pixel level to make them crisp and clean. You cannot just resample the same image, that way you can get pretty blurry or aliased icons. So the ICO is the must if you are concerned about best results. I hope Affinity will get this feature soon, so we can export everything in the batch without having some special custom steps in production to construct ICO files manually.
  7. andrej7

    BUG: Symbols In Symbols

    Thank you, at least i have and idea what is going on. Hope you guys will fix it soon. I think 'Symbols' or referencing/instancing parts is super useful feature and I use it a lot. If I would not have it I would have to change my logo like 20 times every-time I want to tweak something .. Good Luck !
  8. Hi everybody, this is the bug that I reported for BETA but it is still present it the RELEASE version. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26808-bug-15026-rc-symbols-in-symbols/ The weird thing is that I remembered the bug to be fixed in build 32 .. but it's back in 36. This thing is holding me back since I use symbols a lot in my project and I am afraid to work with it since it's too easy to break up the symbols in the document. I was just curious if you guys are working on it and if I can expect some update in the near future ? Thanks. Andrej
  9. Purchased ! .. however I am wondering that you released it .. it's not really bug free yet. I still have both most annoying bugs that I have and also I didn't used it much since I realized It's broken inside the symbols code ... I didn't wanted to risk loosing or damaging my work. From what I have seen in the above comments it looks like I will get free updates until V2 .. so that's great .. fix me If I am wrong. I hope you fix the symbols feature soon so I can continue working on my document. Also I have this weird random lags .. I think It have to to something with my scene .. I have 8 huge artboards in the Full HD width and like 10x more height. So maybe you didn't know about this since most of the guys who had beta didn't really make anything bigger yet ... But you will eventually have to deal with it as the people will start to do actual work with it.
  10. Hi Everybody. I use current latest Affinity Designer BETA for Windows I use symbols a lot and consider them as a very important KEY FEATURE. Since I like to have this flexibility so I can change elements and all instances updates accordingly. I often use symbols in symbols in symbols :) .. and it seems buggy. Simply sometimes when I add a new symbol instance into another symbol instance while sync on, the symbol doesn't show on other instances. I found a hack to fix that by duplicating the symbol and detaching the old one and deleting it. The duplicated symbol show up on other instances, but if I would not detach the previous one deleting would delete the new one in other instances. Looks like some referencing problem. I would really love to know if there is a possibility to submit a bug. I am software developer & designer so I can make you nice steps to reproduce with as simple as possible example file that manifest the problem. There is currently only very little features around symbols, improving this feature would give the entire app way more power and production efficiency. I also found that you cannot transform original symbol. The only way is to create new symbol and replace every instance manually which is pain. At some level it makes complete sense but sometimes you want to change/fix/update the symbol which has already been placed on many places so you don't have to transform every new instance as much (for example bad size, but you just want to rotate instances). So something like possibility to override/update the symbol with a new symbol would be awesome (while updating all instances). Also it would be nice if you can have a different form of listing of symbols in the case you have many of them and ability to select all instances and alike features. Also discovered another bug. When symbol in symbol is in the scene and you place the child symbol into scene and delete it .. it will disappear from the parent symbol and all it's instances. In another words. You crate a symbol which have another symbol in it. Then you can place the symbol which is in that symbol into scene .. but when you delete it it will also disappear from all other symbols. This is pretty bad since it disallows using the same symbol inside of another symbol and also use it elsewhere. Once you delete one instance of it all connections are gone. This makes symbols in symbols a bad idea until these problems will be solved. If any of the developers are interested I can make a video from the very start of the app creating new project that will show the problems mentioned (I did the test).

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