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  1. They've made it painfully clear that this way down the road map. As in waaaaaay down. Which is disappointing, to be honest. Us designers are supposed to communicate a MESSAGE in what we design and not having the ability to properly use languages is just utterly crippling. It took Adobe years before they finally brought in. Serif does NOT have to do the same. I made a thread on this ages ago:
  2. Coming back to this: Does anyone know of a windows APP that could assist me in RTL? I use some websites online, but I can't find something that I can install locally to do the same function.
  3. As someone who has used Photoshop extensively and had been complaining about its clunkiness, Affinity Photo (And Designer no less) was a welcomed breath of fresh air. I have been a vocal supporter of the Adobe To Affinity migration ever since I started using product. It runs like butter. It feels like made by designers as advertised. However, one can't help but feel an overwhelming disappointment, if not a bit of humiliation when talking about Affinity to other designers when they pop the question "does it support Right To Left Languages." I live in the UAE; a majority of the designers and artists that work here are Indians, many of whom barely speak a scrab of Arabic, let alone know how to read the language, and yet their biggest concern is being able to go RTL because the market demands it and its kind of awkward when speaking to a client why a simple copy/paste procedure doesn't always work for them When I expanded my work to FNB menu designs, that's when it hit me hard the most. The amount of time spent to implement these insane work arounds just to get arabic written properly on an AF file made me see their point. Any designer worth his salt will know that his main job is to communicate a message; if I'm indeed speaking to designers involved in developing this product, I'll begin my extending my utmost respect to a fine product you guys have going. But I can't help but ask: if we're here to communicate messages through visuals, how can something as crucial as Right-To-Left language support be placed so far down the priority list?! Arabs amount to almost 386 million and the language stands in the top 5 most spoken in the world. This goes without mentioning Hebrew/Cyrillic/Azeri... I mean no disrespect, but I just needed to convey my frustration. I won't pretend to understand how hard development is.
  4. Let me do one thing. I'm currently at home and I haven't really made the update, so I'll get around doing that in my HOME PC If the problem isn't reproduced there (And I"m venturing a very ignorant guess here) its because the update does not succeed in overwriting the older version properly. I'll get back to you in a few hours.
  5. Here's the link where you can download the earlier versions. https://affinity.store/en-gb/update/windows/designer/1/ Before you to revert back, try shifting Render settings to WARP as a last resort.
  6. Question; did you start getting these crashes with the LATEST update? In the previous versions (if you had used them) did you experience them? I know you've had a hardware upgrade, but I have had some really bad experiences the latest update that only got fixed when I reverted to the older version.
  7. It started with Affinity Photo. Then I wanted to be smart and move the layers around in Design instead, so I chose "File > Edit in Design" and the crash happened in Design instead the moment I tried to move the layers. A thousand thanks. Will begin downloading the earlier versions of both. And as I have promised, here's the document: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/5d659ab126cd3e33e9ce49c9cfab56b820170601091646/6a93c88e376d3fa696a78649a4f067b520170601091646/e6e6ae It was too big to attach to this post. EDIT: I can confirm that the problem is no longer there when using the older version.
  8. Update: ANY layer movement provokes the crash. Forget the logo. Update 2: Attempting to Edit In Design. Moving layers produced the crash. Update 3: Attempted to rename layers from symbols to simple numbers. (1,2,3,4 etc..) Still suffering it. Update 4: Change of rendering settings wouldn't work. I'm getting tired of this. Update 5: Just used a different brush from the gallery and it did it again. Still, not sure if its brush related. My last version was the one right before the program gave me a prompt to check out the "BIGGEST UPDATE YET" If I can have a list of the earlier versions or where can I get their mirrors, it would be great. Otherwise, I'm in dead water here.
  9. OK. So I was able to reproduce this. It's not isolated to any of the tools I mentioned, its clicking the layers in general! To shed some light, I have a mock-project that I'm working on where it has multiple images and layers I downloaded. Now that I think about it, this problem actually started happening AFTER I started opening the brush gallery. I don't remember me doing this in the previous version, and I can't know for sure if this problem can be replicated there since I don't have the installation file anymore. So here's what I do to provoke the crash - every single time. I drag a logo from Windows (in this case, the Juventus logo). It lands in the software nicely. Then I want to move it up to show it. Once I click to drag it up, that's when it crashes. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e311/eurime/Crash%20Report.png Does uploading project file help? I don't mind sharing it. How do I go around posting it here
  10. As the title says above. This does not necessarily happen all the time, but I've noticed after loading some PNG/Jpegs, Affinity goes down in a dramatic crash should have I bucket or brush tools selected while shifting between layers. In fact, it doesn't even leave room for recovery. This is has only started happening after I downloaded the latest update. Is there a way for me to go back to an earlier version? This is seriously affecting my work at the office.
  11. ​On the contrary, it won't. ​GPU acceleration still isn't utilized properly by software algorithms, whether by Affinity or Adobe. You'd really have to look for the results to see a massive difference, no matter how beefy the card is. Most of the performance is drawn from your computer's cores. This is also true for far more intense softwares, like Adobe After Effects. GPU really shines during the process of a 3D Modeling, but that's another debate altogether. ​I highly recommend that you go for the Warp setting. It is a temporary solution, and you really won't notice a massive difference, other then a relief. ​It looks like we won't be seeing anything further until Affinity introduces support for AMD technologies in a later patch or version.
  12. Hi all! So, in my bid to help the community of Affinity, I'd like to make some videos address certain issues. It's not a perfect product, but there's no shame in trying to help make it perfect :) I've noticed that with AMD Graphic cards, Affinity will produce some considerable lag spikes during heavy duty work. This was noted on two different workstations out of three. The third housing less ram & processing power in the other, but virtually no issues. But when I changed the Renderer to WARP, (i.e, removed the GPU acceleration), the results were improved. So this is one performance tip I have (i'm sure others have discovered this but hey! It's still help, right?) Are there any other performance tips or problems that you've rectified on your end that you'd like to share? Please note that it has to be performance related. Would like to involve you.
  13. Hi. Yes. All. And to make matters worse, I took Affinity to my laptop to work in a coffee shop. To insure that I don't face these problems, i decided it would be smart to first develop the raw photo. Export it as JPEG. Then import it into designer so I can work on a banner. The result? A lag spike so bad that made me remember Pentium 2 Models with those supposed "Turbo" buttons that don't do jack! lol Note, the laptop has 8 GB ram, so while its a lenovo laptop meant for work, it should not go through this experience. My Photoshop CC on it was perfectly fine. And yes, sure. Would you like the Affinity project files or the images themselves?
  14. HI all, I should start off by saying I love Affinity. Even while it can be felt that it requires a few enchancements, it's none the less a polished software package. (I have both.) Secondly, my workstation is quite high-end. 32GB's of RAM. Current generation i7 processor. Unfortunately, I have experienced some ridiculous lag overtime. So much so, that it seemed if I were to so much as sneeze, I'd have to wait it out. I've noticed some improvement once I switched the Renderer during the Performance tab from my R9 AMD Card to Warp. A considerable one, but never the less, there are times when the lag spikes just keep coming back. Has anyone experienced these delays? Again, I'm not talking about some short intervals expected from a new software. I'm talking about long, almost painful freezes while editing developed raw photos. Sometimes, simply by moving them.
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