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  1. I'd like to see optical kerning also in Designer (and Photo), as it very much relates to short text too (like logotypes). Sometimes fonts have interesting design but bad kerning info, demanding lot of manual work. Optical kerning at least gives a good headstart for this work.
  2. hevonen

    Crash using Google-Font 'Old Standard' italic

    I just had this crash with 1.4.1 and "Old Standard TT". Reproducable every time. OSX 10.11.4. edit: font validates fine in Font Book.
  3. I'm still interested in this, also.
  4. Thanks, that seems to do it! However I couldn't write it straight into the field, maybe sqrt() function is not supported?
  5. Sorry for being dim, but how do you exactly configure 2:1 triangle grid to fall on perfect pixel positions? What spacing must one use? edit 2: How do you configure 2:1 isometric grid to fall on full pixel positions?
  6. Excellent! If this is hard to reproduce for some reason just tell us what you need (test files etc).
  7. Yes, happens for me too, reported it on beta thread some time ago but got no feedback there. For me this happens with almost any AD file with a placed PNGs inside. Repro: - Place an image (like 2048x1024) to a same sized document - Try to export via file menu - If this works, make a new document and repeat the steps - I get a crash pretty much always on either the first, second or third export This doesn't seem to happen with Export Persona (export at 1x). edit: it just happened with export persona too
  8. Yep, I didn't say AD is be unusable with tablet, I said flow is (well for me, your workarounds seem impressive). Good to know there's a fix coming. And yes it's weird that this feature is missing so widely! It doesn't exist in Substance Painter either (3d texturing software) but it apparently is in 3d Coat (another 3d texturing/sculpting software).
  9. Bumping this, I didn't even know AD/AP was missing this, I always assumed it had it because it seemed otherwise pretty well thought of (I haven't painted in AP/AD yet as I have other software too). This is single most important brush feature of any art software and surprisingly it is missing from many. Maybe because of many users use mouse instead of drawing tablet and with mouse flow makes sense - however it is useless for painting with tablet.
  10. It still feels weird that this sort of behaviour is under dpi setting (and hidden), especially considering actual retina screen ppis are considerably larger than 144/192, around 218-401 ppi. Wouldn't "work at 1x/2x/3x/Xx" -setting do this more transparently and leave dpi value alone for physical size?
  11. How does that make any sense? Is it documented behaviour, like "btw we change your output at random lol" or is this shown to user in any way? What if I'm making pixel stuff that needs to be printed at certain physical size but magically the actual output is just plain wrong? Will I take it to Photoshop to define the proper dpi after exporting at 72dpi? DPI is supposed to be saved with the image as a value, it shouldn't change pixels whatsoever - at least when working unit is set to pixels and not inches or centimeters. I don't get it.
  12. Something is very wrong here, 24x24 pixel slices at 144dpi are exported as 12x12 pixel slices. Why on earth? DPI shouldn't affect pixel size in any way, only physical print size. Changing document dpi to 72 allows slices to be exported at their real, actual size.
  13. Hey bumping this because this is very annoying, like the current color picker workflow in general.
  14. hevonen

    Alignment > target object

    Bumping this. I would like to align to the first or last selected object, but with the option to also - align the top of the selection to the bottom of the target (or reverse) - align the left of the selection to the right of the target (or reverse) instead of just matching left to left and top to top. This is very useful when placing the top of the text under icon, for example when doing logos or layout mockups.
  15. Hi, yes but it doesn't really help - glyph line positioned somewhere between pixels on the raster grid will spread to both pixels, making it mushy. Is font hinting support planned? Most professional typefaces come with hints made by the type designer. Though it would be awesome to expand this and have the option to snap _any_ outline or stroke to nearest pixel edge during pixel view and export to keep things at maximum sharpness even when exporting artwork at non-original resolutions, like for example 31% or 192%. Useful at least for game artists and I guess web artists too.

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