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  1. Hey @firstdefence thanks for your interest in this issue and your quick response! This thread was created in December 2014, so I would hope that the original poster @frankstallone would have worked around it by now. I'm happy you're able to reproduce the issue. Do you think this is a bug? Is there someone more appropriate to report this if it's a bug? What would be great in the mean time is another general way to achieve the effect I'm after. Thanks again, - pickledpirate
  2. I'm also seeing this issue in both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I have been given a screenshot with a gradient background, and I need to mock up a modified version of the image. As the previous poster suggested, in Photoshop I would use the Marquee tool select a 1px wide rectangle, then stretch it horizontally. If I try this in Designer, the left and right edges of stretched area fade to zero opacity. I have tried the methods suggested by @MEB of snapping to pixel layers. Oddly, I was able to achieve the result I wanted once, but I'm not exactly sure why. And then, if I rasterize this layer, the gradient effect comes back - see the attached screenshots below. If this isn't a bug, then could someone tell me how to achieve the effect I'm after? Thanks, - picklepirate
  3. The new triangular grid is really neat. It helps me make hexagonal assets for a game I'm working on. An obstacle I'm facing is that the grid spacing value corresponds to the hypotenuse of the triangle and not the base of the triangle. When using a whole number (actually any rational number) for the spacing (e.g. 32px), the base (i.e. x-coordinate spacing) works out as an irrational number (27.71281292px...). It's not possible to enter a spacing value that results in integer x-coordinate spacing since the coefficient between the base and hypotenuse is irrational (square-root of 3). As a result of this the triangular grid is never aligned with the pixel grid. Since the slice persona requires that slice coordinates and dimensions are all aligned with the pixel grid it's not possible to precisely slice shapes that are aligned with the triangular grid. There are a few possible fixes, any would work: * Allow the user to space the triangular grid using the base instead of the hypotenuse. * Allow non-integer values for the x and y coordinates in the slice persona. * Allow the user to enter expressions that result in irrational numbers in the spacing field [1]. I attached a screenshot showing the misaligned grids in a zoomed-in slice persona. [1] This is allowed presently, but the result is resolved to an insufficient precision. Even on a small canvas (500px by 500px) the accumulating difference means that the two grids become misaligned fairly quickly.
  4. Hi! I have found that when my document has an HSL adjustment layer, this sometimes prevents 2x export. I have tried increasing the DPI of the document but this doesn't seem to help. Has anyone seen this before? Is there a workaround? See attached screenshot. In the layers tab of the export persona a warning is displayed when hovering over the yellow triangle.
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