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  1. Morten_Hjort

    Align text bug?

    But I'm 100% sure I haven't actively set it to use Constraints. If so it has done it automatically when I grouped some content.
  2. Morten_Hjort

    Align text bug?

    Attached Demo.afdesign In new docs it also works. Also had issue with paragraphs, but somehow that suddenly works. I've had more bugs with the 1.7 than 1.6 so far :l
  3. Morten_Hjort

    Issues with line spacing

    Thats so weird. It works now and I see it, but earlier it had "( )" and no matter which kind of line spacing I made it didn't change. This is the normal behaviour right now, but it's not always like that.
  4. Morten_Hjort

    Issues with line spacing

    I must be blind, but where do you see that?
  5. This is not the first time I've encountered this and it annoys me I don't know how to fix it. I simply want to use a more normal line-hight (or spacing) for a paragraph, but somehow it wont change no matter what I do. I've uploaded the demo-file and a video-recording of the issue. What am I doing wrong? Demo.afdesign Issue.mov
  6. Morten_Hjort

    Align text bug?

    I've never had any issues in prior versions to align text, but I'm no longer able to do basic alignments in v1.7.2 Align.mov
  7. Morten_Hjort

    REALLY SLOW - affinity designer for mac

    Disable the "Enable Metal compute acceleration". That including using OpenGL fixed it for me. There are HUGE changes in performance depending on the settings, but Serif haven't been very vocal about it.
  8. Morten_Hjort

    Bug with distribute

    Yeah a few places, but not here :l
  9. I have a weird issue where I cannot distribute some layers, which usually works fine. I've added a video and the file here. Distribute.mov Wireframes.afdesign
  10. I think for many people the 1.7 are much slower, but try to un-check "Enable Metal compute acceleration". For me it did the job. Also I have a similar set up (different GPU though) and using OpenGL is also faster than Metal.
  11. It sounds like a problem with your App Store account and not so much Affinity. Have you checked if your license is with the account you're logged in with?
  12. Morten_Hjort

    very slow since update to 1.7.0

    The same for me here with a 2016 MBP 15" with dedicated GPU. Removing Metal Compute and using OpenGL seems to be just slightly faster, but that could easily be perceived-only. I suppose these settings are too advanced most people including a techy as me, so maybe some general "whats your setup and this is then the recommended settings" would be advisable?
  13. I rarely do other things than working in Affinity's apps, but Photoshop is also quite slow. A good idea to hear about that issues from other users. I remember I first got the 13" 2016 MBP, but it couldn't work at all with the 5K screen, so I was allowed to return the unit for an upgrade. Perhaps just a cheap egpu will be enough so theres a dedicated unit to drive the screen.
  14. Yeah I also considered this, but the Ultrafine 5K needs a eGPU with 2 T ports unfortunately
  15. True. Considering the "cheapest" Blackmagic so theres a dedicated device to handle the 5K display. Not a cheap solution but then again I properly dont need more advanced stuff for my usage.

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