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  1. Morten_Hjort

    Crash - Embedded Documents Build #12

    This beta crashes every time I try to copy some layers to another artboard. I've added the file here. Trying to copy the "Footer" in the "Template" artboard. When I paste it in to the "Order Confirmation - Mobile" the crashes. Every single time.... EmailDesign2019.afdesign
  2. I often change width on an element when doing UI but I've never ever needed the text to expand as well, which means I every time have to click on the text and make sure it doesnt get stretched. An option to change such specific defaults would be great although I understand it might not be so simple to create a good UX around that.
  3. Morten_Hjort

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I'm still having an issue opening a file (same issue on the previous beta). Most of the time it just stalls on "loading 1 image" and no matter how long I wait, nothing happens. However I can monitor that my CPU or GPU (using iStats) dont show much consumption). _Artwork-Spring2019.afphoto
  4. Seems this parameter are now gone in the beta and only accessable from the color-pane. Do you expect it to come back before the proper 1.7 launch?
  5. I remember I asked a year ago where I was told the Affinity apps mainly used the CPU, but I now read that the coming 1.7 versions are utilizing the GPU (or multiply) better. My Macbook Pro from 2016 is still serving me well, but I wouldn't mind a boost. So in short: is there a proper gain by adding a fast GPU when I use the new 1.7 versions?
  6. I'm having the same issue. Its unusable if I cant easy control the last line or even better every single line without the need to create several layers. Any smart tricks I'm not aware of?
  7. Morten_Hjort

    AD: Artboard in Artboard?

    I've sent a short dummy of it now Its made in the beta version though
  8. I'm working in a bigger doc with some UI design where I've created an artboard with the main UI like header and footer and to simplify and getting a better overview I'm creating each pages content in a artboard per page. This works great, but I'd like to start testing how it looks together, but this is where I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I've made my "page artboards" as symbols, so I can switch the artboards quickly for export, but it seems this artboard within artboard, works a bit different. As you can see it kinda "goes over" the artboard of the main artboard. How can I make sure this doesnt't happen? Or are there smarter way to work like this? EDIT: I can see this goes wrong when I make the original "page artboard" longer as the size is the same on the master. Hmmm
  9. All of them, but I use AD the most, so I'm actually not sure it works the same in Publisher (maybe more relevant to use the feature there).
  10. All new documents starts the spelling checker when I import some text which I'm not interested in using. Can I somehow disable it as a default for all new documents? Haven't found a solution yet
  11. Morten_Hjort

    Stroke not reacting in AD

    Ahh damn and I even tried to look thoroughly for an Error 40. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks, but IMO thats a plan b to do it manually. I'm hoping I'm able to "snap" it to the existing curve if possbile (?).
  13. No nothing is pixels. Its all shapes (incl the red lines), but you're only seeing some exports in PNG. Seems this forum doesn't show filenames so its not easy to figure out Its the middle picture where I want to draw a line that connects to another curve (the red one). Did you make your version manually? I've added the afdesign-file here V2-boks.afdesign
  14. Morten_Hjort

    Stroke not reacting in AD

    See the attached video. Both curves should have the same stroke, but the upper one, don't react to any settings. How come? Newest AD (non-beta) for Mac.
  15. I'm redrawing a packaging file in the box.png so it matches the old (Old.ong). Its easy to draw the various shapes for the straight parts, but now I've encountered the rounded angle. I'm not used to use the Pen Tool, so maybe there's a smart way to snap the Pen Tools line to such a line like this?