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  1. Thanks @GabrielM. Looking forward to the next AD updates. And thanks @gabriel_komorov for the workaround.
  2. Hi Affinity-Team, any news on this topic? Tim
  3. Hi Affinity Team, we are developing more and more apps in both iOS and Android. PDFs from Affinity Designer imported in XCODE work fine. SVGs from Affinity Designer imported in Android Studio break once in a while. Certain paths in the SVG won't be shown after import. There seems to be a problem with certain path directions. So if the first path is clockwise, all following paths that are drawn counter-clockwise won't be able to be imported into Android Studio. (Please see third attachment) If I import the Affinity SVG (that doesn't work in Android Studio) into Adobe Illustrator and then export the file again as an SVG, the import in Android Studio works find. I don't know if Adobe is setting all paths to the same draw-direction when they export to SVG. Please find attached 1) a SVG from Affinity Designer 2) the same exported from Illustrator and 3) the import result in Android Studio with die Affinity SVG. If I can provide further information, please let me know. Tim icon_Affinity-Designer.svg icon_Illustrator.svg
  4. Hi @MikeW, thanks again for keeping the discussion alive. Flyeralarm told me to use the profile ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI). To try things out I just ordered a small amount of business cards. Attached please find the pdf and affinity file that I used. I'll post images as soon as I get the printed product. Tim bc_check.afdesign bc_check.pdf
  5. Hi @MikeW, thanks for the deep insight of printing. My problem is not the Preview Application. My problem is that online print services (like https://www.flyeralarm.com/uk/) print the different colored squares around the campers as well. So therefore it is not just an Preview App issue.
  6. Thanks @Sean P for the reply. I do understand the problem with the colored vectors with applied filter effects. I can correct that and my problem with this flyer is solved. However, in the following case it doesn't solve my problem. Attached you'll find a folder, which I had to export to a pdf-file with PDF/X-3:2003. If you look at the PDF in preview, you'll see these weird color frames around the campers. These have also been printed by the online printer. They only except PDF/X-3:2003. For your information: The images of the campers actually have a white background and I use a blend mode to make the white background transparent on the blue. Workarounds so far: 1. If do the same operation in Illustrator and export it to PDF/X-3:2003, I do not get this slight color change. (but who wants to use illustrator?! ) 2. If I rasterize the image of the campers together with the blue background, the color ist fine. But if there are several images that need to be rasterized with the background, this can be a pain in the ass. So the problem is still, exporting to PDF/X-3:2003 creates slightly different colors, if there are blend modes on an image or if the image has transparency. If I can provide more information, please let me know. Tim 2018 Faltblatt Vermietung Innen.afdesign 2018 Faltblatt Vermietung Innen.pdf
  7. Inspirimental

    Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken

    Hi @MEB, thanks for the information. I'll be patient
  8. Hi @Sean P, thanks for responding. Unfortunately if I would have had printed this pdf-file at an online printer, the wrong colored square would have been printed as well. How do I know? Attached please find a printed folder that just had a vectored logo on a background color. You can see the surrounding, which wasn't there in the Affinity File. But exporting it to PDF/X-3:2003 transforms parts of the artboard to pixel-graphics. And at that process something is not converting right.
  9. Inspirimental

    Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken

    I think the transformation to a normal path is a little awkward. Shouldn't the handles and corners after the transformation be perfectly top, left, bottom, right? On the inside and the outside circle? If I draw two circles and subtract them from another, I do get it exactly this way?!
  10. Inspirimental

    Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken

    I am having the same issue on Affinity Designer 1.6. On zoom level of 150% with a border around an object of 10pt, the difference between expanded stroke and normal stroke is hardly noticeable. But the circle in my case is not perfectly circelish any more. If I am working at a zoom level of 800% with a border around the object of 2pt, the difference is getting more obvious (please check the attached files). Kind Regards Tim
  11. Hi Affinity Team, I am having some issues with PNGs with transparency. If I add these PNGs inside a CMYK document and export them as PDF I get different colors behind the transparency of the PNG. This happens when I use the format PDF/X-1a:2003 or PDF/X-3:2003. If I use the PDF/X-4 the transparency problem does NOT occur. I am also having these issues with other pixel graphics as well, when I use blend modes like multiply. Please check the files attached to see what I mean. It would be great to fix this issue since most professional printer would like to have files with the PDF/X-3:2003 format. Thanks and Kind Regards Tim test.afdesign Test.pdf
  12. I am also having this issue with BlendModes. If I add a graphic with a white background and I use blend mode Multiply, I am having the same issue on export to PDF/X-1a:2003 or PDF/X-3:2003
  13. Hi @Chris_K, totally missed your review. Attached please find the Affinity file and the PDF export in PDF/X-3:2003. In the PDF you can see the problem. Tim test.afdesign Test.pdf