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  1. moefinley

    SVG filters

    I really wish it did. It's a great tool for generating web assets other than this issue. I disable the layer effects, export and then manually add SVG filters to the exported SVG I'd be happy even if I had to add code within AD or if SVG filters were separate and less capable than Layer effects. I just want a nice end to end workflow, exporting all assets with one action whenever I make changes.
  2. Is there a way to convert a constraints group into a normal group - essentially reverting any constraints from the children and grand children - in one click? Thanks
  3. The handles only get hidden when panning the image. I couldn't find this in the keyboard shortcuts preferences either. However, if you do change it you will be changing the panning shortcut, not the shortcut to hide handles alone. There really needs to be a feature similar to ctrl+h in Photoshop. I keep hitting situations where the spacebar is not enough. In these situations either Affinity Design is not in focus (looking at a reference image or within a dialog) or I'm in a text field where I can't keep holding down space (adjusting font size/kerning etc.). In these situations I have to switch back and forth - deselecting the layer or navigating out and in of a text field so I can press space. This is a real PITA when making lots of quick adjustments by eye. TLDR; SPACEBAR IS NOT ENOUGH - ADD CTRL+H (or similar)
  4. moefinley

    Panels revert there position

    Hi Chris I think this issue relates to dual monitor. The problems only occur when I have moved panels to a second monitor. It resets all the panels (even ones docked on the main monitor) but I guess this is because any error in the panel positions cause the application to revert to the default?
  5. moefinley

    Yet another crash

    On reflection it might not be specific to dual monitor. It could just be when you have the layers panel detached from the application. I would do more testing for you but I'm busy trying to finish designs in a buggy program :P
  6. moefinley

    Yet another crash

    Hi Sean It's a dual monitor issue. I can drag a group out of a symbol if the layers panel is on my main monitor. If I move the layers panel to a second monitor and drag the same group it crashes. Code: 0xC0000005 This was recreated with a new document. One symbol with two instances. The symbol structure: -Symbol -- triangle -- group --- square --- circle Dragging the group out of the symbol would cause the crash.
  7. moefinley

    Yet another crash

    Happened when dragging a group out of a symbol. An Unhandled Exception has occured and the application cannot continue. The Crash Reporter will be displayed after the application exits. Code: 0x80004003 Had to end the process to continue.
  8. This was reported ages ago but is worth reporting again as it is a big issue - especially if you're using multiple monitors. Surprised this issue made it out of Beta! Original report. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21852-saving-default-layouts-and-tool-settings/?p=102351 Panels do not save there position correctly. Sometimes they revert completely, other times only a few of the panels will revert their position.
  9. moefinley

    Layer Comps

    Symbols don't replace layer comps. If you're creating multiple states for the same design you don't want to have to create a new artboard and convert everything to a symbol just so you can show and hide a drop down menu or alike. Plus as mentioned before it would add greater compatibility with Photoshop. Symbols and constraints are great tools for responsive design but layer comps were useful long before we were all doing responsive design and they continue to have a role. +1 for still adding layer comps even though we now have symbols
  10. Any news on this? Experiencing the same issue Application just instantly closes with no crash report in the Event Viewer. I can reproduce it with my own file and the one attached to the original post.
  11. +1 for this. You should be able to edit an asset in place and also update instances of an asset when opening a document.
  12. It's ctrl+h in Photoshop. You don't have to hold it down. Why not do the same (or both if you really want a quick hide key)?
  13. Steps to recreate Open a new image in Designer Add a rounded rectangle Zoom to 3000% (or any amount very different to the other view) Open a new view Zoom to 100% (you must set the zoom level) Select the rounded rectangle in the original view with the Node Tool Corner radius handle is very large and other handles are missing (see attached) Setting the zoom level in the original view corrects the problem.

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