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  1. Is there any word on when we might have this feature? It would be really helpful.
  2. andykanu

    Double Image on Opening Raw File

    I am also having this problem with .ORF files from an Olympus TG-4. Running Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on High Sierra 10.13.3. Restarting AP and restarting Mac makes no difference. Using Serif to process raw rather than Apple seems to "solve" the problem but I prefer the Apple algorithm, so it would be awesome if this could be fixed. Happy to provide any further details and sample files that might help. Thanks.
  3. andykanu

    Heart shape

    Hi Chris I have hidden the Dock again, and this time it worked. I obviously messed up first time. Sorry to cause you guys to recheck things on several machines. PS It doesn't work on fullscreen if the dock isn't hidden. So even though you can't see the dock, the problem remains. Just FYI. Thanks for your help, and apologies again. Andrew
  4. andykanu

    Heart shape

    Hi Chris I hid the dock and full-screened AD and still had this problem.
  5. andykanu

    Heart shape

    I have the same problem in Affinity Designer 1.5.3 on Mac OS Sierra. I click on the multi-tool menu, and I can select any other tool except Heart and Tear. I click on either of those, and the tool is not selected. The menu disappears as if the tool has been selected, but the cursor remains set to the tool as it was before.
  6. Thanks. I had realised I could do this independently, but the tip and help is much appreciated.
  7. Do we have any idea when this is going to happen? Is there a workaround we can use in the meantime? My AD updated automatically to new version - it's a bit of an oversight that I wasn't warned my workflow was going to be compromised. .