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  1. Hello Affinity team! I'm working on Affinity Photo on a brand new iPad Pro 12.9 and it seems really a great porting from PC/Mac to iOS, but form me it still misses some very important features, that I hope you will implement soon : 1) First of all : BRUSH CURSOR HOVERING. This is a fundamental feature for me. I need at least to see the brush shape outline while I draw, like I can do with a setting in Procreate 2) Support for multitasking side-by-side windows in iOS 11 with drag and drop 3) When transforming objects/layers, the chance to see and position/snap the "Rotation centre" in order perform rotation around a pivot point Thanks a lot and have a nice day. Marco (mkdm) P.S. Are you planning to do also a porting of Designer for iOS ?
  2. Hello MEB and thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I understand your point of view and I can even understand that Affinity is a new line of products. No problem. They are very good products. But I think that you should listen to your customers that like me have a long time experience with vector graphics and CG in general and that have to deal daily with many little or big problems in their job. You said that "...are already on Affinity Designer's roadmap.." Ok. That's good, but this situation lasts for a long time and no new "vector" feature where added. Please consider that the tools I mentioned in my previous post and that are presents in DrawPlus, are not only very useful but essential in many aspects of my daily job, and I'm still forced to copy/paste/export PDF, read again into Designer, doing these things back and forth many times and all my workflow is very slowed down. I thank you again for your response and for all your efforts in doing Affinity even better but I hope that you will include soon this missing features too important for my daily job, because actually I'm forced to use many different external tools that slowdown my workflow, and my workflow is my daily match... Thanks and have a nice day. Marco (mkdm)
  3. Hi Affinity team and good morning. First of all I wish to thank you for working on this new long awaited update! Thanks. I bought more than two years ago both Photo and Designer and globally I can say that I'm really satisfied with them. Both are great software in many aspects with very good workflow that I daily use for my job. I'm a software developer and I often leverage on Photo and Designer to create mock-up and UI for Android Apps and I also use them daily, integrated into my whole 2d and also 3D pipeline. Yes, in fact Designer is perfect when coupled to a 3D Nurbs software that I daily use, Moi3D, that is very powerful for creating also 2D vector graphics. In this way I can combine the precision and the power of a Nurbs CAD with the versatility and the graphic capabilities of both Designer and Photo. So, I repeat, I'm globally very satisfied with your software. But, with said, I also must say that as a long time satisfied DrawPlus user, there are still TOO many features and important tools that are missing in Designer, and that I'm asking for a long time on this channel I'm referring to some features that really makes the difference in my daily job. I hope that, along with bug fixes, you will include these long time missing features in the next official version of Affinity Designer, that I loved and used a lot in DrawPlus X8. I mean, please include this missing features : 1) Tracing images 2) Knife tool : awfully useful !! It allow a superfast workflow. In designer we have to use Combine, Subtract end so on but it's not the same tings and the DrawPlus's way is times faster. 3) Freeform Paint Tool : awfully useful !! It's much more advanced of the Vector Brush Tolls in Designer because it can handle separately the stroke and the fill. 4) Erase tool : awfully useful !! 5) Flood Fill toll : awfully useful !! Why did you drop it in Designer ? This tool is very useful especially when importing tracing or other vector files created with other software. 6) Envelope, Perspective : awfully useful !! 7) SHAPE BUILDER TOOL : awfully useful !! Please include it into Designer.'s not the same thing of using Combine, Subtract end so on. 8) Mesh Fill Tools : awfully useful !! 9) Last but not least....MESH WARP TOOL (in vector mode) : Please add this very missing features. I hope that you will take into great consideration these requests and I wish you all the best for you wok and your life in general Regards. Marco (mkdm)
  4. Hi Affinity team! When do you will publish thew announced 1.6 Affinity (Photo/Designer) update for Windows ? Have a nice day. Cheers. Marco (mkdm)
  5. Hi Affinity Team. Just a simple question. What about the (I suppose) I.6 verisons of Photo/Designer also for Windows ? Thanks and have a nice day. Marco (mkdm)
  6. +1000 for me too, for this feature. P.S. When a new version of Designer for Windows ? It's a very good product but it still misses a certain amount of fundamental things compared to AI. I like Designer very much but for my daily job it's still a bit too "young". Have a nice day. - Marco (mkdm)
  7. Hi Affinity team. I would need a tech info. I hope later this year or within the first months of next year to switch to a brand new pc workstation. I'm evaluating to get a new machine equipped with a Nvidia Pascal card series GTX 1080 and latest i7 7700K cpu/DDR4 ram. For some years I own and use an old Nvidia Quadro card (K3100M) wich is very well designed for OpenGL rather than DirectX. My questions is : How the current Affinity Photo/Designer (for windows) and their new future versions will run on a Pascal GTX 1080 card that, for what I know, is very well designed for DirectX rather than OpenGL ? Thanks for your help. - Marco (mkdm)
  8. Ok. Thank you very much for your reply. I stay tuned. Best. - Marco (mkdm)
  9. Hi everyone. I repeat my last questions of some days ago, given that I have not yet received any response "Just out of curiosity... Since the first official release of Affinity Designer I have seen that you didn't upload any new upgrade. Are you planning to do it ? There are many features requested by us and it could be great if some of that requests could be included in a new upgrade. You can find some other personal additional annotations at :" Have a nice day. - Marco (mkdm)
  10. Hi MEB and good morning. Did you read my replies to your question ? You can find them at : Have a nice day. - Marco (mkdm)
  11. P.S. About the "Pressure Profile" for example, it would be very useful if you, coupled with a new bigger UI for Pressure Profile editing, could include in Affinity Designer the ability to edit the Pressure Profile directly onto the curves, like Adobe Illustrator with its "Width Tool". Please see this video : - Marco (mkdm)
  12. Hi MEB! Well... is exactly the version that I own. But apart various bug fixes, although certainly very important, there's no implementations of none of the various requests made by the community. For example, it would be very useful if you want to improve the Pressure Profile's UI : - Bigger and more comfortable UI (maybe also with the opportunity to use it in full screen) - Load/Save exchange withe the pressure profiles of Serif DrawPlus X8 Please, let me know. Thanks a lot for your support. - Marco (mkdm)
  13. Hi Affinity dev team and good morning. Just out of curiosity... Since the first official release of Affinity Designer I have seen that you didn't upload any new upgrade. Are you planning to do it ? There are many features requested by us and it could be great if some of that requests could be included in a new upgrade. Thanks a lot for all your support. - Marco (mkdm)
  14. Oh yeah!! It's about time !!! I'm an Android developer and I have waited this "little" feature for a long time!! Have a nice day to everyone. - Marco (mkdm)
  15. Hi everyone. +1 for this request!! Also I have requested this feature some times ago. I hope that it is in the TOTO list. Check also my original post : Have a nice day. - mkdm