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  1. I checked but I can't find these 1.8.5 updates in the App Store on Mac (Catalina)
  2. I checked but I can't find these 1.8.5 updates in the App Store on Mac (Catalina)
  3. Hello Affinity Team! Although I echo some of the complaints of many users here, about the so long delay of new long awaited features, I THINK IT'S ALSO FAIR AND APPROPRIATE to point out what amazing things you have done for the whole artist community in the last 3 years! It's right that we PRETEND from Affinity that they put their hands on a so long awaited to-do list, I think they MUST do it. But it's also true that thanks to the Affinity' guys we were able to have a very very good tool set for 2D stuff, and at a VERY VERY LOW PRICE!!! And also we were able to get the (I cal
  4. Hello Affinity team! All your product are very very good, and also the iPad side is very promising, but honestly I agree with many other members here. The roadmap was posted in 2014! 4 years waiting for distort tool and many other old requests! Maybe you're biting way more than you can chew. Also you should really put more effort in improving the overall stability of Photo and Designer on iPad. These tool on iPad are are still too unstable for a seriously professional work. And consider that I use a 12.9 2017 iPad Pro, so I should have no problem with the specs. And al
  5. Thanks Sean! I hope that ASAP you will release the fix Regards. Marco (mkdm)
  6. Hello everyone! ...I suppose that you (Affinity Team) is a little bit busy but...please tell me something about this serious issue regarding copy/paste of Designer/Photo. It's a very serious issue that is ruining my whole workflow on my iPad Pro (12.9 2017) Regards.
  7. Affinity Designer & Photo - Issue with Copy/Paste between them and outside them Hello Affinity team and thank you so much for this long awaited new tool for iPad!!! Amazing mobile version of your flagship app for desktop! Clearily this is the very first official version so it's normal to have some issue or some part that doens't work as excepetd. Actually, after use it deeply for about two days, I have found one very critical issue for me. CLIPBOARD COPY/PASTE BETWEEN DSEIGNER AND PHOTO DOESN'T WORK!!! And also clipboard copy/paste of raster (pixel) objects from Desi
  8. Ok. I'm going to post on Bugs on Ipad. I hoe they will repair soon this issue because it's very critical. Regards.
  9. Simply "bitmap" objects. For example, you can easily try this very simple test: 1) Create a simple Circle with the Ellipse tool in Designer 2) Rasterize it, so in this way it become a pixel objet 3) Copy the object into the clipboard with the "Clipboard - Copy" 4) Try to Paste into Affinty Photo. NO WAY!! 5) try to Paste into any other bitmap Apps like Procreate. NO WAY!!!
  10. I'm sorry R C-R but what you're saying is not completely correct. In fact for example I already can copy/past "bitmap" things from Procreate to Affinity Photo and Designer or to any other bitmap App. You can try on your own if you want. But actually it seems that is impossibile to do the same things between Designer and Photo (and all other things I've said in my previous message that involves the two apps). Regards. Marco (mkdm)
  11. Thanks RC-R for your reply anyway. But...I already know all these matters regarding iOS 11 sandbox... I really appreciate if, when they can, Affinity Team help me for this issue. What I'm asking is simply easily Copy/Paste things form two products of the same family: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (back and forth), and simply copy/paste "bitmap" things from Affinity Designer to/from other bitmap apps like Procreate or Artstudio Pro or any other. I would be very grateful is someone told me how to: 1) Copy/Paste vector and bitmap things back and forth between Affinity Designer
  12. Hello Affinity team and thank you so much! Amazing mobile version of your flagship Designer for desktop! Clearily this is the very first official version so it's normal to have some issue or some part that doens't work as excepetd. Actually, after use it for about 4 hours today, I have found some important issue (or missing feature) for me. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but it seems that there's a serious missing feature: Copy/Paste between Affinity Designer and other apps like Procreate and also Affinity Photo! I've tried many times with both vector objects and ra
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