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  1. you can always use this tool by Phil Harvey https://sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/
  2. si la fenetre Bienvenue de Affinity apparais pas par défaut en ouvrant AP, dans les menus du haut/aide/bienvenue. plusieurs personne enleve le crochet de bienvenue, dont moi alors c'est la seul façon de la voir encore.
  3. you can always use NX-D to get the camera/lens correction then send it to AP. that’s the down part of owning a new camera body, its a matter of time before all software get the update.
  4. -Lr, DxO and Capture One are the 3 that I know support D850, and Nikon software. -coming with their next update, Luminar will support it. -Picktorial are working on, the camera profile is done but they need some fine tuning to work on all Mac.
  5. it won’t show you the welcome screen if its unchecked, so you don’t see it everytime you start AP
  6. check “news and information” you’ll find others had asked the same question. open AP and top right menu click ”help” and you’ll see “welcome” which will open the screen to download the freebies. Affinity forum and Affinity are two different login
  7. to get the Welcome screen, open AP and to the top right menu click “help” and you’ll see “welcome” that will open it and you’ll have the screen so you can click geet free stuff. reminder that forum login is different than Affinity login. just so people don’t get confused like I did this morning
  8. I just updated to AP 1.6 and can't login..... well account not recognized. problem solved, forum and Serif are two different account. you guys can delete this thread, thanks for the help
  9. in one they were working on for a release early 2016, in another they are working for a publisher replacement first, in a last one, they are not working on a DAM. so best bet is to get photomechanic for fast culling and cataloging/viewing your images. maybe there will be one for 2020 Lr, ON1, Capture One has one and Luminar is coming with one as well, so these are also some option. Alienskin, Paintshop Pro and ACDSee have image browser?
  10. sorry I didn't find anything about this but... how to import Styles and Palette to AP for iPad? or is it somethig coming next to a future update? thanks
  11. well.... you keep me busy found those glasses for 5$ in theatre when the movie was still playing.
  12. well.... I renamed them, so instead of being pack1, pack2, pack3... until 12, I named them as on your pdf file, so the first 5,6,7,30,31 to 39 so they are easier to find than having to bring the pointer over for the name to show up. the other pack are easy because they start with paintB instead of TB DOTS like this screenshot. and yes these 3D minion glass are terrific for protrait =)
  13. nice job, now I'm soooo lost with all of them, just installed them but brush # don't match with the pdf # or maybe I'm missing something.
  14. thanks, I downloaded Egor pack but I'm away for a week and should have some portrait shots on beaches to try with when I'm back. unless there's a way to install them on iPad pro
  15. your images will be bigger if you save them as .tiff Nik software don't read NEF or RAW file so .tiff was a good alternative for me, personally it doesn't bother me, for what it cost today for a portable hard drive or an ssd harddrive as backup.
  16. I use Luminar not On1 but saving your file as .tiff with layers is what I do with AP so I can always go back to modify if needed.
  17. is there a way we can modify/edit or change the exif data of a photo with AP? could it be done? thanks
  18. -rmar, that's my point, I want the 10 zone in AP, without having to send my images in SEP2.
  19. could it be done, adding a 10 zone scale under the histogram, from black to white. or am I missing something that could already be done to get it? is part of SEP2 and Tonality from Macphun, I thought it would be nice to have it included with AP. thanks
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