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  1. 19 minutes ago, Sharkey said:

    So simply posting this information as an answer to my question was possible. Who would have thought it.

    If you mean the info in the last post above by @thomaso, then please note that you could have seen the same thing if you had done a web search on (for example) "HEIF = what is it."

    The main benefit of doing this yourself is you get results immediately, instead of having to wait for others to post replies in this forum. A secondary benefit is you get a lot of results with different levels of detail, some describing complexities & nuances that may help you better understand when, how, or why you might want to use that format for various tasks.

  2. 1 hour ago, Colorwaves said:

    Is this somehow elegantly possible?

    I don't think it is possible, other than by manually changing the spacing between items.

    1 hour ago, Colorwaves said:

    If not, then please see this as a suggestion:

    Suggestions for feature requests should be posted to the appropriate sub-forum here. (Note the info about searching first, etc. at the top of the page)

  3. 16 hours ago, VectorWhiz said:

    I tried Opera (what I commonly use), Chrome and Edge a transparent and uploading a png with transparent background resulted in error 200 again. The png's, by the way were exported from Affinity Designer.

    Just as a test, using any of your browsers can you attach a sample PNG file to a reply in this topic instead of to the share work forum, or do you get an error 200 here as well?

  4. 6 hours ago, Old Bruce said:

    Look for the little Philips head screw next to the Preset name...

    @cara999, while you are learning how to use the app & identify things like this, it will help if in Preferences > User Interface, you set the Tooltip Delay slider almost all the way to the left, so tooltips pop up very quickly when you hover the pointer over items that have tooltips.

    Do that & for example if you hover the pointer over the cross in a circle (the button that looks like the top of a Phillips head screw) this tooltip will pop up:


  5. 5 hours ago, Village said:

    The little grey dot does not show at the bottom.

    If you open System Preferences & click on the Dock icon, you should see an option "Show indicators for open applications." If that is not ticked, you won't see the dots for running apps. Also, if enabled (I think!) the dot won't appear until the app is fully launched, so this may help determine if is stuck or somehow running.

    Aside from that, if you have already tried "Force Quit..." from the Apple menu & your Affinity apps are not showing with red text in the window that opens as not responding, I have no idea what could be causing this strange behavior.

  6. 4 hours ago, Dan C said:

    I can confirm that the Library folder can 'hide' certain files/folders if not opened in a specific manner...

    FWIW, if you want you can override this hiding of the per user Library folder as follows:

    1. In Finder, go to your home folder
    2. From the View menu select "Show View Options" or use the keyboard shortcut (CMD+J)
    3. At the bottom of the window that opens, enable the "Show Library Folder" option.

    Do that & the Library folder will appear in the Finder > Go menu & this will also enable the CMD+Shift+L keyboard shortcut so you can quickly go to the folder in Finder.

  7. 5 hours ago, Dungarven said:

    The text on the Master Page was there by accident! I have to remind myself constantly to check if I am on a Master Page or a Document page! Agh! I find it helpful to close the Master Page panel once I get going. 

    If by the "Master Page" panel you mean the Pages Studio panel, note that even if it is hidden, at the bottom of the document window to the left of the status bar is a navigation bar with a page identifier & buttons to move among document & master pages, plus a button to toggle between Master & document pages. If you are currently on a Master page, the page identifier will show the name of the Master page, like "Master A" if you have not given it a name other than the defaults.

    If you get in the habit of checking that when the Pages panel is hidden, it should help prevent this kind of error.

  8. To me, a spreadsheet is a particular kind of table in which the content of some cells can be the results of formulas/calculations involving other cells, like the total numeric value of a column or row of numbers or the largest value in a group of cells in a classic accounting/bookkeeping spreadsheet; or various text related functions like concatenating text strings from several cells, or substituting one text string in another.

    Obviously, Affinity tables do not have the same capabilities.

    Hope that makes at least a little sense....

  9. 7 hours ago, Chris26 said:

    So in simple words what are the advantages of OFF as opposed to ON? 

    The advantage to Off is it does not trigger instabilities with certain combinations of hardware & OS versions. The (theoretical) advantage to On is certain operations work faster. IOW, if On works, it's better; otherwise worse.

    7 hours ago, Chris26 said:

    PS, and while we are talking where on earth is it?

    On Macs, it is in Preferences > Performance.

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