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    Als Informationsdesigner gestalte und entwickle ich intermediale und zielgruppenortientierte Projekte aus den Bereichen Web, Print und Multimedia mit Schwerpunkt Usability.

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  1. I placed an artboard of an Affinity Designer document into another Designer document. it will be displayed on screen but ignored in pdf export. I did not change the document - it worked with an earlier version of Designer in 2017/2018.
  2. I opened a designer document in publisher and converted the artboards to pages - the bleed got lost. I expected Publisher to recognize the bleed value of the document.
  3. alexplus_de

    dot leader line shifts aligned text

    Great, thank you!
  4. alexplus_de

    dot leader line shifts aligned text

    Sure... Handout.afdesign
  5. The dot leader line setting shifts properly aligned (tabbed) text out of the text box. Also the text cursor position and the visual cursor differs, if you click inside the text box. I think Adobe does fix this by adjusting the distance between each dot.
  6. My solution was to reduce the embedded group of layers into a bitmap layer, so i think the blur gets lost during Affinity loads the embedded layers. default pdf export options - I guess, a jpg export might has the same problem, but i didn't test it. Plakatmotiv_DIN_A1.zip
  7. left: Affinity-File right: PDF-Export Have a look at the background and the reflection of the group of people.
  8. As it's getting more and more important to have an preview for circle-cropped profiles like google+ etc. (Or even more custom crop shape overlays - i know it's possible to do this with masks)
  9. alexplus_de

    multiple images

    works perfect for me, I can detach the tab and drag it e.g. to another screen.