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    Als Informationsdesigner gestalte und entwickle ich intermediale und zielgruppenortientierte Projekte aus den Bereichen Web, Print und Multimedia mit Schwerpunkt Usability.

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  1. The new login dialouge is always in English until you log in.
  2. That's curious. As the project is already done, I can't investigate anymore - since I reimported the EAN-Code images.
  3. Wow - so cool that you can even rotate pages / workspace now - don't know, when I should use it yet - but I found out by accident and no way to easily rotate back to 0°. I'd think that Ctrl+0 will reset my view but this doesn't work. Also no options within my document settings or the navigator. That's where I did look up to reset - I think the navigator should be the place to find it - and Ctrl+0 should reset the view as expected - also rotation. #
  4. Sure, can I send it to you in a less public way (the IDML file contains much more pages and links and I can't strip it of atm)? While you explanation makes sense, this was not a problem at all in InDesign.
  5. This document is edited after IDML import and the EAN barcodes got a 20% blue background color in InDesign which stays inside the document and also gets exported to PDF, but is invisible while editing in AP: PDF Export: EAN with background AP: No background color visible Affinity Bug Submit.afpub Affinity Bug Submit.pdf
  6. LanguageTool-Integration would be awesome. I'd even pay for it, as it saves so much time, energy and preventing bad mistakes. It's much better than every other solution that I know. Esp. German language.
  7. Hey guys! I tried two different PDFs to import to Affinity (Publisher) but Affinity does not get the letters right. 1. attached screenshot: Left Affinity Publisher Import, Right: PDF export from toggl.com. Weird: Microsoft Word's import is good. 2. the second file is a PDF export from Adobe InDesign. The letters are correct, but the paragraphs, tabs and new lines as well as some settings for characters (spaces got 0% width) are really messy. I can't upload the original files here but will send them to you if you want to.
  8. Latest Affinity Designer version - this also happens in Affinity Photo and Publisher as well. Windows 10 Home, sample file attached. Just try to open the document. Also, there's no possibility to close the application while it is trying to open this document. You need to kill the application via Task Manager. sample.eps
  9. Okay, thanks, that's a good workaround. Also, I think there's no alternative to check the actual PDF to verify the export. But for the overlapping text, there should still be a way to "jump" to problems like this, or wrong dimensions of an image, etc.
  10. Yep, I also have to guess which of the about 200 fields contains overlapping text... it's not very helpful like this atm.
  11. And as far as I know, they can be easily hacked, too. Use cryptography instead. Encrypt your hard disk, your OS, choose safe passwords (the longer, the better), use tools like veracrypt to encapsulate your document. From the very beginning of creating your document, your pc/mac must be safe.
  12. Hey Callum, I'm sorry to tell, but the view quality does not change anything regarding this issue.
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