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  1. Latest Affinity Designer version - this also happens in Affinity Photo and Publisher as well. Windows 10 Home, sample file attached. Just try to open the document. Also, there's no possibility to close the application while it is trying to open this document. You need to kill the application via Task Manager. sample.eps
  2. alexplus_de

    Preflight panel?

    Okay, thanks, that's a good workaround. Also, I think there's no alternative to check the actual PDF to verify the export. But for the overlapping text, there should still be a way to "jump" to problems like this, or wrong dimensions of an image, etc.
  3. I had a bug that prevented white text from being displayed in a pdf export. The curious thing was: Some readers displayed the text, but Adobe Acrobat Pro didn't. The text was flashing while zooming but then disappeared. I fixed it by giving the white text the same color again. I have both affinity files (working and not working) but can't post them here as they contain private information - where can I send them?
  4. Yep, I also have to guess which of the about 200 fields contains overlapping text... it's not very helpful like this atm.
  5. alexplus_de

    Preflight panel?

    How do you check overlapping text like that?
  6. And as far as I know, they can be easily hacked, too. Use cryptography instead. Encrypt your hard disk, your OS, choose safe passwords (the longer, the better), use tools like veracrypt to encapsulate your document. From the very beginning of creating your document, your pc/mac must be safe.
  7. Hey guys, with a shortcut Windows+[dot-key] will open the native emoji and glpyh browser of Microsoft Windows 10. While pasting, the text will be inserted into a weird rendered white preview box. It will show (or not show) emojis and characters in a different way than they will be rendered. This screenshot shows the three states. First the text field, second the input with the glpyh table of Microsoft Windows 10 on the right and third the result within affinity. I'd expect to see the result live without the second state.
  8. Hey Callum, I'm sorry to tell, but the view quality does not change anything regarding this issue.
  9. I think it's unclear which of the following options will result in which behaviour. What is a Serif Persona Story? What does Rich Text Format mean? I think Microsoft Office has a better solution by explaining the result, not the type of function, e.g. "Insert text only" or "keep source styling". Don't know what the actual English translation is. Bonus: People working with MS Office already know the options and therefore the result, so it would again be better usability. Screenshot from Microsoft Word
  10. Hey Walt, Hey Dan, thank you for your quick replies. Also for the detailed explanation of the different options. imho, this should not be hidden in the affinity help. You'll find "paste as unformatted text" in InDesign or even modern internet browsers like Firefox or Chrome. I think you'll agree that "keep original formatting" and "paste as unformatted text" or "paste as plain text" is more clear as it reflects the intent of the user. For me, it's okay. After thinking about what I want to do and chosing the wrong options several times, I already learned which one will give the best result. I'm also familiar with the different options through Microsoft Office and in general as I'm a web developer, too. Just ask about WYSIWYG-Editors in the web if you want to paste a text from Microsoft Word through the clipboard. Long story short: It's a mess. But I just realizied that below "Inhalte einfügen..." ("paste content" in English), there are already options that use a more intuitive label. "Ohne Format einfügen..." is exactly what I was looking for most of the time. Anyway, I'm happy to hear that my message will result in a better translation of these options above. Thanks, guys!
  11. alexplus_de

    Bug with invisible font (PDF export)

    Thx a lot for you for your quick response and also the explanation. This totally makes sense even overprinting must have been activated by accident. Also, limiting overprinting to 100% tinted objects seems to be a good idea as well.
  12. alexplus_de

    Bug with invisible font (PDF export)

    uploading.... btw you're doing such a great job. Also caring about your customers an dealing with bugs in such an open, transparent and fast way. It makes me feel useful to report issues with your software and I'm happy to support affinity, because affinity supports me to save time, money and making me able to stay away from Adobe products
  13. I placed an artboard of an Affinity Designer document into another Designer document. it will be displayed on screen but ignored in pdf export. I did not change the document - it worked with an earlier version of Designer in 2017/2018.
  14. alexplus_de

    dot leader line shifts aligned text

    Great, thank you!
  15. The dot leader line setting shifts properly aligned (tabbed) text out of the text box. Also the text cursor position and the visual cursor differs, if you click inside the text box. I think Adobe does fix this by adjusting the distance between each dot.
  16. alexplus_de

    dot leader line shifts aligned text

    Sure... Handout.afdesign
  17. left: Affinity-File right: PDF-Export Have a look at the background and the reflection of the group of people.
  18. My solution was to reduce the embedded group of layers into a bitmap layer, so i think the blur gets lost during Affinity loads the embedded layers. default pdf export options - I guess, a jpg export might has the same problem, but i didn't test it. Plakatmotiv_DIN_A1.zip
  19. As it's getting more and more important to have an preview for circle-cropped profiles like google+ etc. (Or even more custom crop shape overlays - i know it's possible to do this with masks)
  20. alexplus_de

    multiple images

    works perfect for me, I can detach the tab and drag it e.g. to another screen.

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