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  1. I am relatively new to Affinity having used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for years. Among other things I produce logo-bearing banners for a client's website. I have started producing these banners using Affinity Design. I then export and send the client the banner as a jpg. I'm finding there is a color shift between Design and the jpg. For example, a color in the Design logo is R 99; G 135 and B 186. After converting to a jpg, the color ends up R 105; G 136 and B 186. These are small shifts but enough to notice a small color change and annoy the client. There seems to be no fix as I am unable to change the color in the jpg, as the flood fill tool does not work. (The Photoshop counterpart worked fine.) Suggestions, please. Thank you.
  2. I have started work in Publisher that will include extremely sensitive material, which if compromised, will have dire consequences. Being new to this app, I am amazed there is no way to save the work as a encrypted and password protected document. The work I am doing now in Publisher will take several days. When I finish a section and save, I need to save it in a protected format. When completed, the document will be for a few eyes only. If the material in it is compromised, it will result in dire consequences. I will have no trouble exporting it as a PDF and then encrypting the PDF using Acrobat or PDF Expert. But that is beside the point as it will leave the original, multi-page Publisher document unprotected. Documents in other apps such as Adobe and Microsoft can easily be protected. However, I dislike Adobe, I am getting used to Affinity apps and I certainly do not want to start over my project in InDesign. I consider not having an ability to protect ongoing and finished work a serious shortcoming . . . for myself and others. Affinity, please figure out a way to save work in Designer and Publisher as encrypted/password protected and update these apps accordingly. This really is essential for lots of people and if you ever want them to be used where secrecy, confidentiality and security is necessary. (I can use an outside app to encrypt the file. The problem, though, is that some few others who need to see the original and make necessary changes, may not be able to use the app needed to decrypt. That's why there needs to be a way to "seal" and open a doc by anyone with the password.) THANK YOU!
  3. I have started a project using Publisher that will include very sensitive material. This project will take several days. I AM SHOCKED TO FIND THERE IS NO WAY TO PASSWORD PROTECT/ENCRYPT this document. Both Designer and Publisher need a way to be saved as an encrypted/password protected document. You can do so with with most other apps (Adobe, Microsoft, etc). Then, at the same time, be able to export as a protected PDF. (I have no trouble password protecting a currently exported PDF using Acrobat or PDF Expert, but that still leaves the original Publisher document unprotected.) Please, Affinity, figure out how to do this and update these apps accordingly. Not being able to do so is a critical shortcoming for me and a lot of others. I hate Adobe and do not want to go back to Illustrator or InDesign, but needing a way to encrypt my work is extremely important! Thank you.
  4. I am unable to find a way to enter printer's marks in Publisher. That is, trim lines, registration marks, color bars, etc. These are needed for commercial printing.

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