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  1. Hi! It'w be a super if Affinity Photo has Ability to use tools Burn, Dodge, Sponge for mask. Using the Dodge and burn on a mask layer is handy when using to affect only shadows, midtones or highlights. Thanks for attention
  2. tell the guys how to do the same in Affinity photo ^ draw dodge tool by mask of curves of the correction layer
  3. Possibility of auto face recognition and editing in Liquify Persona. Example in video below. It will be so cool.
  4. In Affinity Photo, Color Picker is extremely slow. It's terrible. When you use Brush tool and press alt/option to pick color, Color picker work so slow that it causes a lot of anger. please make your Color picker tool quick. Better fast and uptime than beauty.
  5. When you use the brush tool and press the alt/option to switch to the Color Picker, it slows down very much. Pls fix it. It is very critical for work speed
  6. You haven’t had updates for a long time, but before that you did the update twice a year. The community in forum offers so many cool ideas to you. And you have not done useful tools for a long time. You made a great product but it doesn’t develop. So many people love your product and ask for the basic things that should be in the tool for professional What are you doing there?
  7. It's so cool offer but Affinity team said they will not do any 3d tools((((
  8. Did You plan to make the same great menu for adjust brushes by clicking on the mouse2. Especially important is the tool that I highlighted with the arrow. These are very useful and important settings. Roundness is very important setting, you partially implemented it in your option Shape, but it work only for basic brush, so sad. Please add this window like in Photoshop on screenshot* You made a lot of settings for brushes, but many useless and no basic major setting.Thanks for attention and great app AD%)
  9. Oh it's so wonderful!) Just in the previous year, you released two updates for Affinity Designer , and in this I was afraid that AD does not get no update, maybe just this time you're prepare a big surprise
  10. Please tell me why you not do an update for affinity Designer so long. it's because you develop Publisher? Previously, updates came out more often. Do you have to maintain a many of products? Thanks for attention, and I ask you not to forget about our pet precious Affinity Designer
  11. Hi, please tell me if you are planning to make a filter OIL PAINT like on video? Or maybe something like that? Thanks for attention
  12. I would also really like to have the serif develop affinity Designer but they probably spend a lot of energy on Publisher. It is clear that Surf has no subscription and they need new products to receive money. But please do not forget the tools for which we loved the Serif -> there are Affinity Photo and Designer. Please pay attention to them. Thanks for attention
  13. Tell please, Do you plan to make such a convenient brush setting like in Photoshop. It is much more convenient than at the moment in Affinity Designer or affinity photo.I'm talking about the circle above the arrow in the picture below. very easy and convenient to change the brush - just press mouse 2. and in Affinity Designer i could not change roundness for brush, I thing option SHAPE in brush setting can set roundness but not for all brushes. I beg you to implement such an implementation is very convenient for drawing. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.

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