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  1. Thank you Ron. I can call out Isometric grids. But how could I draw geometric shapes, art text and gradients directly on the active plane(One of front, side and top planes) in Affinity Photo. Because I can not find Isometric Studio in Affinity Photo. Then can not set active pane and let geometric "fit in-plane"...
  2. It looks Affinity Photo support Isometric. Please refer to https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html I just wonder how to operate it...
  3. Hi, I find Isometric studio in Affinity Designer. But I can not find same studio in Affinity Photo. Would you let me know how to use Isometric studio in AP? Then I can use great features such as "Fit to plane" etc. And welcome other ways to implement same effect. Thank you!
  4. @Pauls Everything is working well now. We do need to install publisher to the default path. Might be Chinese character in the path caused that problem. Hoping we can install it to anywhere in the future. Thank you very much for your quickly response and help
  5. Hi Dear, My OS is Windows. The original system language was traditional Chinese. But for some reason I changed it to simplified Chinese. Then I installed Designer on it. Every time I list the fonts or change text font my designer will get very slowly. I am not sure if the Windows language change caused this reason. Would you help me with this? (Reinstall designer can not solve this problem.) Thanks, Shi
  6. Hi Dear, My publisher( always crashed when I creating new document. I can see publisher runs it main UI. But it will certainly crash once I clicked the "New Document OK" button. I installed publisher on 3 Pc. Two win7 Sp1 and one win10. This problem happens on every machine. Selecting different Renderer could not solve this problem. Could you help me with this? Thanks, Shi
  7. 立川同学

    Exporting PDF Error

    @Pauls Thank you for your response. That file and exporting files were uploaded to Dropbox I got same incorrect exporting PDF file via Designer also. But both publisher and designer are working well with JPEG format. If you need anything please let me know, have a good weekend.
  8. Hi Dear, I got incorrect image when exporting PDF file. But exporting as JPEG format can get correct image. I am sure of that some layers were missed in PDF file. My afpub file is attached to help you check this issue. Thank you for your help:) 2019黄智彦效果图.afpub
  9. I thought the problem is communication between Asia user and English developer. Of course, it will be great if Asia developer or tester can join SERIF. But any developer needs to rebuild the problem environment before they can solve the problem. We always need to report well described requirements and necessary materials such as Fonts, afphoto documents to help developer replay environment. Then they can locate, analyse, fix bug or implement new feature.
  10. I found people posted post/topic with Chinese. And they got serif staff's response. So, maybe, we can appeal every Asia user to register an account of this forum. Let SERIF see asia customers and hear requirements straightly.
  11. @ashf Yes, there are some small groups. QQ Group, Baidu Tieba. I thought this forum is the best place to share information. Because affinity developers are here to solve problem. What do you think?
  12. Hi Dear, We need to layout text vertically and it will be great if you can support from right to left show text(characters). This kind of text layout is the most important feature for national culture. We knonw Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many people need it! Looking forward to using this new feature as soon as possible:) Shi Lichuan
  13. Hi @GabrielM Thank you for your fast fixing:) Have a great day Shi.
  14. Hi, Both of my Photo 1.6.7 and Designer 1.6.1 have this bug. If I clicked "Reset" button twice on the Preference keyboard panel, affinity photo or designer will crash and quit. Hoping you can fix this terrible bug. Regards, Shi
  15. 立川同学

    [Photo] Chinese font name detection

    Thank you very much Callum

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