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  1. I often use the auto trace function in Freehand platform. The auto trace result are different when I resize the jpeg image behind layer. I can control the vector tracing quality by do this for a few times until I got the best result (no. of points). In illustrator platform, the tracing result is not as good as in freehand. As Affinity Designer is a professional vector design software, please include this tool in next version. It provides a basic vector structure for user to work with (no matter the user is a professional or a student). Thanks!
  2. John77m, I just find this discussion. After several tests, I think your method is the best way to handle the old Freehand File record! All elements displayed in AD are exactly like in FH environment (and in exact same size too). Elements can grouping together and edit easily in AD. The pdf files are good for preview especially when there are too many old FH records. I don't need to rely on old CS to open my old FH record anymore. Thank you very much!
  3. Dear R C-R, Thank you! I am able to locate the box and it works very well. It definitely help me to keep my design consistence, no matter my clients needs several scale drawings.
  4. I facing the same problem as Vince42 about some element's "line thickness" didn't scale up together with to the entire group. After watching this discussion, I am able to locate the check box "Scale with object" in the Stroke panel. It solves my problem. Thanks! I would like to know how to keep the "fx effect" scale up and down accordingly? Now I need to adjust fx e.g. outer shadow or inner shadow after scale action. Which studio panel can help to keeping the constraints?
  5. P C-R, Yes, it works so well and solves my problems! Thank you very much!
  6. I always need to move the center of origin to design circular objects, and then using the origin as a point to rotate other elements around it. Right now I still spend so much time to rotate each individual elements and draw extra circles to move back the rotated elements in place to maintain accuracy. It is an essential feature located by users in the very earlier stage of the software improvement but still not able to take place after two years!
  7. It is an important feature. It enhances the accuracy "in sense of user experience".

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