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  1. WOW! Such a GREAT help!! THANK YOU, John77!!! I had no idea I could save separate elements in a PDF!! (I've only been on an Apple since 1982!
  2. My Freehand docs ARE on an older computer OS v 10.5.8 (that's what scares me!) I still can work on them in Freehand MX (but when will this OLD computer die [maybe 2006] and with it Freehand?) and I can export in Freehand 7 thru 10 OR in Illustrator up to 7 as well as other options -- but AD reads the exported or saved as .fh11 docs as "corrupted" most times. Once AD did open a 2 board Freehand MX doc (I dropboxed PNG image of the doc to staff) and saved with new name "as Freehand doc" and added extension .fh11 ... AD opened it, without saying it was corrupted, BUT as 2 separate docs... each
  3. I bought this app BECAUSE you said it would work with Freehand documents! I have tried everything I can think of - including changing tags on old Freehand docs to .fhx or .fh9 , but they will not open in Affinity Design . HELP !!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!
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