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  1. Hallo, today I bought Affinity Designer. I wanted to create a custom brush. I set its properties in dialog window Brush editing. In Brush panel I see the shape correct, but if I will apply the brush to a curve just get a continuous line. I also noticed that some buttons in Brush editing window do not work. Values in the text boxes can not be changed. In attached screen it is marked with red frame. Probably also does not work Reset button. I tried to edit some brushes in Basic category. I thought that Reset button returns the original shape. If I apply a solid brush with pressure from Basic caterory the strength brush stroke is unchanged.
  2. I just want to clarify, I find it strange. I made testing with other objects and another type of gradient and there I observed anything like it. I join other comparative files. gradient-to-svg.afdesign gradient-to-svg.svg
  3. Hallo, I send my test files - the original file and the exported file. Some objects in SVG are different (by reopening in Affinity and by open in AI CS4). When I used in gradient additionally another color, black color disappeared. file5.afdesign file5.svg
  4. Oh, how easy! In Corel Draw I must first split the text to individual characters, than I can also convert the letter into curves. If I make not the splitting and convert the text to curves, it is all only one object.
  5. Hallo, please, can you tell me, how I can split text to separate letters? Thanks
  6. Hallo, to feature Quick Opacity Setting. I tried it, but its work only with English keyboard. It doesn't work with number keyboard or with national keyboard (I use CZ keyboard). Tested in Beta for Windows.
  7. Thanks, I look forward to this function. I see, Affinity is created by really good programmers. :D
  8. Hallo, in Corel Draw is a very good tool - Contour Tool. See please video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii--qq0qm6w With this tool is possible to produce gold ;) : http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-311796260/stock-photo-gold-earrings-with-green-gem-set-of-antique-gold-jewel-in-art-deco-style-nostalgic-vintage-patterns-metallic-brass-jewelry-eps-10-vector.html This tool I can not compensate anything in Affinity. :(
  9. Hallo, Are you planning something like Blend tool in Corel Draw? Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J98VIHjykF4 I think, it is very useful tool. Thank you
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