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  1. No, I wasn't but tried it and it does now paste correctly into Word - thanks. I would still love to have an in-app word count though, it would make things so much easier.
  2. I would also love to see this feature. I regularly produce a school newsletter and it is quite often the case when I have a space to fill, that I ask students and teachers for some 'stocking fillers'. Their inevitable first question is 'how many words'. Having used PagePlus for many years, the task was easy (F5 to fill text box with placeholder, then Tools>Word Count. Easy and painless. This is the first time I've used APu for the newsletter and was puzzled why something similar is not available. As a workaround, I thought I could just copy and paste the placeholder text from APu into Word and get the count from there. Nope, pasting placeholder text into Word just results in two words, <Filler Text>. I've had to resort to making a similar sized text box in PagePlus and counting the text from there! Please make my life easier!
  3. I was also looking for website software recently, tried a few freebies, then settled on WYSIWYG Web Builder. It's quite easy to use, whether you base a site on a template or start from scratch, as I did. Considering I hadn't used anything but a 15 year old version of Macromedia Dreamweaver until recently, I found it quite logical to build my own site, I made all the graphics with Affinity Designer (of course), exported as SVG and was able to use them directly in the WYSIWYG software. This was the result: seanf.de I was especially impressed with the amount of options for picture galleries (as the site is basically all about the images).
  4. I'm sure it can. I regularly use it for school newsletters with page counts ranging from 12-36 pages and with many pictures. I also used PPX9 to produce professionally printed school yearbooks. The last one was 144 pages with hundreds of photos and graphics.
  5. As a kind of comparison, Photoshop CS6 is up and running in about 4 seconds. This used to be my slowest starter, but Affinity now makes that look pretty fast.
  6. I don't have a huge amount of fonts installed - just 470, which I don't think is excessive. It is also slow on my laptop, which has even fewer installed.
  7. I've noticed that Designer (v. now takes quite a long time to open. I'm sure the earlier versions took just a couple of seconds but I am now experiencing 10-12 seconds of splash screen before I am able to use it. My computer is no slowcoach (i7/SSD/24gb RAM), is this normal?
  8. I only have Designer, so that is not yet a problem. If I decide to get Photo, then I will have to think again.
  9. As I'm quite fussy about how my desktop looks, I decided to revamp all my icons. I wanted the same colour scheme throughout and for them all to match. Standard program icons I basically recreated, reducing the amount of colours to just two, and shortcuts to my folders etc. I gave the same look and designed myself. I'm pretty happy with them, and of course used a registry tweak to get rid of those unsightly shortcut arrows. I went a bit further too, and made new drive icons to match.
  10. OK thanks, I tried a search as I was sure this must have been brought up before but couldn't find anything. Sean
  11. Is it possible to increase the accuracy of rotation to more than 1 decimal place? I'm aware that this can be done for size and position but haven't found a way to do it with rotation.
  12. Thanks for the reply, I'll try it right now. Sean
  13. AD will not open, all I get is a beep and the following message. I've reinstalled but the problem is still there. It has worked fine for months before now. Any ideas?
  14. Sean here. from UK but living in Berlin, Germany for quite some time. I'm quite familiar with DrawPlus and PagePlus as I've been using them for a few years now and recently started with Designer. Very pleased with it so far - I thought DP had it all, but I was wrong! At the moment Im just recreating old things that I made with DP, just to get used to the layout and tools and procedure, but looking forward to creating some original work very soon. I recognise a few names from the old Serif forums here already so it looks like I'm not the only one to make the change :)
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