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  1. Just bought Photo and I'm loving it. For what it's worth, here is one of the biggest UX problems I've seen. When I create a new Adjustments layer, I am not able to hit 'enter' 'return' or 'esc' to interact with the dialog. 'return' and 'esc' do work predictably when interacting with the live filters dialog. In general, all these dialogs could use a little more clarity. Like the screenshot, one button in most dialogs often has an outline which signifies you can interact with it with return or space bar etc. As far as I can tell this outline doesnt mean anything. It would be great if there was a visually clear default action, and a key to interact with it. For example, 'enter' would submit and dismiss dialog. 'esc' may cancel. See default Mac dialog attached.
  2. Thanks, that helps! To answer Fixx, I was talking about a pixel selection. The flood tool will work ok for now.
  3. Yeah, I got the flood fill to work ok. I was looking for something like AP has in the menu (Which can be accessed by shortcut keys): Edit > Fill
  4. It doesn't seem possible to fill a selection in AD. Am I missing something?
  5. How would I create a custom retina document for web in Affinity Designer? There is no retina option when making a new document. Say I select the Web 800x600 pixels. Would I need to manually change this to 1600x1200 for @2x pixel layers? Or are @2x images automatically integrated at the 800x600 size doc? It's not clear how this would work.
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