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  1. Appreciated. Do you know if there is any movement on being able to make the bottom and side slide bars more visible? Regards Harrythespida
  2. Hi Dan, I think I am getting ahead of myself here. I find it easier and more accurate using an arrow for doing "cutouts" as used in Photoshop rather than a crosshair cursor. Guess I will just have to practice and get used to it.Thanks anyway.
  3. Sorry, forgot to say I'm running a macbook pro with Catalina.....
  4. All my Marquee Tools will only show as CROSSHAIR CURSORS. This is a real pain for the FREEHAND LASSO tool (the only one I really need to change). In PREFERENCE/USER INTERFACE/allways show brush crosshairs is UNCHECKED. I have even checked this option and then unchecked it but to no avail, still show as crosshairs. I have even deleted and re-installed the programme. again to now avail. Can anyone help please. Regards HarryTheSpida
  5. Thanks very much I have now got my transparency back hurrah hurrah hurrah. Thats to everyone who contributed great bunch. Many thanks to one and all Harrythespida
  6. Thomaso, could you tell me what I should put in each of the options for both the mac DISPLAY and Affinity COLOUR PREF please?
  7. Here are the two screenshots, I only hope they throw some light on the problem
  8. Hi Jimmy Jack, metal was turned on,changed it to open GL but unfortunately problem still there.Thanks anyway.
  9. PÅ¡enda, hope you can see the screenshots and my further comments ?
  10. Dan well thats strange 'cos that screenshot shows the transparent chequer board but my screen shows just plain white. It gets more weird all the tme. Just gone back and can confirm when transparecy is ticked in FILE/NEW, the chequer board is definately not shown, a white screen is presented.
  11. Hi Dan I think the problem lies with something on my macbook as I deleted Affiniy Photo and have just downloaded the trial version from Serif store (rather than from the mac app stre) and the problem is still there. I am begining to think a wipe of my hard drive is going to be the only way to cure this problem (when I can pluck up the courage) I have attatched 2 screen shots just in case.
  12. Thanks for the reply Bruce but my Opacity is already set to 100% in both Photo and Designer It is though the problem lies somewhere with my mac O/s although all the other tools work fine. By the way can't find FLOW ?
  13. Since downgrading from poxy CATALINA back to MOJAVE, I am unable to open a new blank file with a transparent background (even though TRANSPARENT is ticked in File-New) The BACKGROUND brush does not produce the chequer board transparency effect when editing a picture. This is the same in both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Can anyone throw any light on this please attached file are my system details.
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