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  1. Harrythespida

    Missing Fonts

    Is there any specific reason for Affinity Photo NOT to show all my fonts? The font I wish to use (Lucinda Handwriting) is installed and available in all other software programs but not Affinity. This applies to fonts under the tab ALL RECENT USED & FAVOURITES within Affinity Photo. HarryTheSpida
  2. Harrythespida

    Different studio-viewS

    Did you ever find a way to SAVE your Studio preferences ?
  3. Gabriel, since your reply I have been trying 1,000,000,000 times or thereabouts to achieve the text running the correct way. This morning after reading your last post, I started to originate a file to send you when, lo and behold everything worked as it should although I did nothing different. So unless you have the powers of divine intervention, I am at a loss as to why I had the problem all day yesterday LOL. Thanks for your time. HTS
  4. Thanks Gabriel but I have tried that and with the text already going the wrong way, reversing the text path puts it upside down rather than reversing it left to right. Have even tried the horizontal and vertical change icons but to no avail. HTS
  5. Following numerous videos and explanations, my little GREEN ARROW for the text path always is facing the wrong way when trying to put text on a circle resulting in text being backwards or upside down. I have tried moving the flashing cursor and turning the green arrow to no avail. I have already torn out what little hair I had so can anyone please advise before I end up in a straight jacket? HarryTheSpida
  6. Am I the only user of Affinity Photo that is being driven mad by the Slide Bar VISIBILITY? Sometimes they "seem to disappear altogether but 99% of the time the bars are Soooooo hard to see (my glasses are okay, I've had them checked out LOL. Harry the Spida
  7. Do not get any notification of an update upon Affinity Photo opening........does this mean I have to pay for the update after 16 months of purchasing 1.5.2 ? HarryTheSpida
  8. Harrythespida

    More shared photographs

    Having been with Affinity Photo since it was an 'egg, I still find myself booting into windows PSP to obtain effects like your 6216HDR and using the PSP "Frames" to achieve an equal white area around a photo. So easy, 1 click and its done I only wish Affinity has this item. Harrythespida
  9. Harrythespida

    photo edge fading

    Thank you everyone that certainly gives me plenty to try. Harrythespida
  10. Can anyone tell me how to achieve a faded edged photo please as per the one attached. It was simple with PSP I just hope I am missing something with my Affinity 'cos it's driving me nuts............
  11. Harrythespida

    Clarity of text

    Hi Lee. thanks for looking at my problem. I have no styles or effects (as far as I am aware) invoked. Maybe you could have a look at the attached file. it is100% if I save it as a jpg and print it out in another programme but from within Affinity Design it prints out blurred and tells me it is 100 pages long. I just can't figure out where I am going wrong. Regards Mike Test Text.afdesign
  12. Initially thinking it was my ageing eyesight, I have never been really happy with the crispness of text when printed out that had been entered in Design and Photo. I temporarily reverted back to windows yesterday and loaded my Serif Draw Plus programme. What a difference the text no matter how small I made the font was clear crisp and totally legible. So why am I getting such terrible inputted text print outs from both Affinity Photo and Designer. System details:- MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB Any help/comments/remedies please. Mike Hook (alias harrythespida)
  13. Harrythespida

    Designer versus Draw 8

    Thanks for that works fine. you would"t like to write my christmas present book would you LOL
  14. Having used Draw since I was an egg, I find it hard to move. I am progressing very well from PSP to Affinity Photo but Affinity Draw is proving difficult for me. For Christmas I would like a manual on Draw 8 with Affinity Draw instructions alongside each paragraph. LOL Enough rambling my question is-: When I start with a box in Affinity Draw how can I keep the measurement as mm rather than it going to pixels. thanks Harrythespida

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