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  1. errno 22 is EINVAL, and for flock it is documented to return that in errono if attempting to lock something that is not a file. File locking on a network share can be problematic as even with a common protocol different implementations can behave differently under various conditions, particularly when mixing protocols (though I don't think that is the case here) or connecting a client on one platform to a server on a different platform.
  2. If there is a legitimate use case that would be covered by a grid, an equally sensible feature might be to have a command to generate a grid based on a selected object. In other words, select an object, execute that command, and a grid is automatically produced such that the lines of the object is pre-snapped to the lines of the grid.
  3. This may be difficult sometimes if trying to create a regular pattern of irregularly shaped objects that still happen to fit together... puzzle pieces perhaps? I'm not sure how that relates to this request, however, as in creating something like this you would be snapping similar objects to each other, rather than to themselves.
  4. Those are not apps, and there are already app stores for all three platforms that the Affinity products are released on and it is available on those app stores. There is no reason that starter documents could not be shared on the forum if anyone is interested in doing that. If there is enough interest perhaps Serif would consider making a separate section of the forum dedicated to the sharing of user-created resources such as starter documents, templates (if/when this gets implemented), assets and the like? In fact... they already have: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources/
  5. I've seen this as well and I believe it is intentional. Photo is optimized for working on raster images in which there is typically a "background" pixel layer. As the output format of such a document will generally be a raster image as well, I suspect the vector objects are being rendered to match the underlying resolution of the document as this is a truer reflection of the state of what is hypothetically a raster document.
  6. No, it tries to give the illusion of doing that... if it actually did that it would be a performance nightmare. It tries to save frequently, but not with every character typed. Even so some apps are still impacted enough that disabling the feature improves their performance. The underpinnings are described here: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/DataManagement/Conceptual/DocBasedAppProgrammingGuideForOSX/StandardBehaviors/StandardBehaviors.html
  7. It's the hamburger menu in the corner of the panel (four lines with a triangle at the bottom).
  8. @JGD, please note that each of your posts has WAY over 100 words in it.
  9. I've been using Macs since the whole "auto-save" thing was a thing - it still isn't. It's an illusion presented by some minor changes in wording and a decision to have software save over your files without asking. There are pros and cons to that, but one of the cons is that it lulls people into a false sense of security that they don't need to save periodically as they assume the OS is doing it for them (sometimes it does, sometimes it does not), then if the power goes out or an app crashes at an inopportune time they lose that much more of their work. Macs are still better than the alternatives, but this particular change is a misfeature and should not have been made.
  10. fde101

    Data merge

    This is not up for a vote. +1 doesn't help. They already said it is coming.
  11. Instead of that, consider adding Publisher to your roster. Publisher can do these things, and if you have both Publisher and Designer, you can access most of Designer's functionality from within Publisher while creating a document.
  12. Yep, that is exactly what inline does. If you need the flexibility of the other options, I don't think there is much you can do to have this work "automatically" the way you seem to be hoping for. I could be mistaken as well and others might chime in with suggestions, but I suspect you will just need to check it after major changes and be prepared for a few manual tweaks when things jump boundaries like that.
  13. The CDR file format specifications are evidently not available anywhere, but it may be possible for Serif to gain access to CMX file format specifications from Corel?
  14. fde101

    Panels vs menu bar

    Sure, I'd rather the various other apps I've used that have similar issues also worked in a manner that promoted greater sanity, but I've seen various issues with other apps too that this one has helped me out of. It's a useful tool to have on hand.
  15. fde101

    Panels vs menu bar

    I find Spectacle to be very useful in situations like that: https://www.spectacleapp.com/
  16. It might be less then undesirable to consider giving users of modifier-deficient systems the option to have the left and right alt keys behave like separate modifier keys? (Or left and right control or shift for that matter)?
  17. You would only need one file. Use section manager, create a section for each month, and restart page numbering each time. See also this thread:
  18. The Magic mouse simulates a scroll wheel, but also lets you scroll side-to-side, using gestures on the surface of the mouse. Modern Wacom tablets with the "touch" functionality let you use gestures like those on a laptop's trackpad (but a more extensive range of them) including gestures that simulate the functionality of a scroll wheel.
  19. In Designer (and the other Affinity apps for that matter) you can create lines and polylines using the pen tool. If you look at the context toolbar when the pen tool is selected, there are several modes that you can choose from. In the "normal" pen mode, you can create lines and polylines by clicking at each end point without dragging. There is a separate "line" mode with which you can drag to create individual lines, and a "polygon" mode in which you can drag individual segments of the polyline/polygon. This is already there, but only for left-to-right scripts. Shadows are added as a layer effect: select the layer (object) you want to apply the shadow to, click the "fx" button on the layers panel, select "Outside Shadow", turn it on and adjust to taste.
  20. If only we could get the government to do that when evaluating what laws to pass... There should be a requirement that no laws can be passed which exceed a certain number of words. Regardless, yes, that seems like a sensible limit for a forum. If someone has a legitimate need for more than that they can put it in an attachment.
  21. The main reason you don't see many pro audio apps on Android is latency issues, absolutely nothing to do with piracy: https://superpowered.com/androidaudiopathlatency https://www.gearslutz.com/board/ios-android-music-audio-production-apps-peripherals/1127192-adroid-daw.html http://forum.cakewalk.com/m/tm.aspx?m=3233214 http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2018/02/17/10-years-later-android-audio-quality-still-lags/ Cubasis is only $50 on the app store (pro music DAW). The Affinity apps are only $20 on the app store. I don't think the price of these apps has anything to do with it.
  22. That would be the most likely use case.
  23. It looks like you are asking for a vector bucket fill tool, which is not the same thing as the current fill tool functionality. I agree that would be a useful feature. The other one is already being discussed on various other threads.