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  1. Hi, App freezes when double-clicking the bottom middle resize handle. Reproducible on the Frame text in the attached file. I had to force quit. Regards, Matej frame text freeze.afdesign
  2. Hi, Export to PDF - Crop marks do not respect the set bleed in the attached file. It works in release AD The file was created in AD 1.5. Regards, Matej crop marks - no bleeds.afdesign
  3. "Picker" stays active even after closing the adjustment dialog - goes for all adjustments that have a Picker button. It should probably return to the previously used tool after the adjustment dialog is closed. Cheers, Matej
  4. Hi, Wrong color displayed in the context toolbar - see attached image. I am also attaching the file, maybe it has to do with document setup. Regards, Matej wrong color display on context toolbar.afdesign
  5. This has been added in 1.6, you can use rotation center as scale origin, if you hold ctrl and drag a corner point. Very useful.
  6. No No, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Sorry.
  7. Hi, A file I was working on got corrupted the last time I closed the app with multiple tabs open without saving any of them. If I try to open it now it just crashes the app without any messages. I've sent the file via PM to Sean. Regards, Matej
  8. Hi, rubs, not if you want to scale text from the denoted point. Namely, you can put the rotation center in any other corner point of the selection rectangle and then ctrl-drag the "scale text" handle and it will correctly scale text from the rotation center. Hope, that makes sense. Cheers. Matej
  9. Hi, Unable to change the width of nodes lying on a horizontal line or height of nodes lying on a vertical line through transform panel, if lock aspect ration is ON. Cheers, Matej
  10. Hi, Unable to scale objects an text from rotation center by using ctrl + dragging the "scale text handle", if the rotation center is in the same corner as the handle - see attached image. Cheers, Matej
  11. Hi, Unable to select the object (attached file) from the canvas by left clicking on it, you can only select it through layers panel or box select it. Regards, Matej unable to select in canvas.afdesign
  12. Well, then there is no way of distinguishing between "Arrange flyout button" and "Align Left button" If put together on the horizontal toolbar. Cheers.