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  1. If you select RECT1 and RECT2 in the attached file and inspect the colors through the Colour chooser, you will notice they have the same RGB and CMYK values but a different position of the small circle denoting the picked color - which means that there is something wrong. If you manually enter the CMYK values in Colour Chooser as I did for RECT2, you will notice that the color of RECT2 is clearly different as the color inside the small circle in the Colour Chooser (a bit more saturated-reddish) It appears this is the correct color for CMYK 4, 67, 100, 0 but it is displayed wrong on the RECT2 in the canvas. The converter to the right of RECT2 shows that the color in the Colour Chooser appears to be the same as it is displayed in the converter. Hope this makes more sense. Cheers.
  2. Hi, The RGB, HSL or HEX color values are not correctly converted to CMYK. This results in wrong colors being displayed on the screen for manually entered CMYK values in "Color Chooser". I've attached a file in which you will find a better description and examples of this problem. Cheers. Matej CMYK color coversin problem.afdesign
  3. I'm sending a video of the crash If that helps. Maybe it has to do something with my configuration, but I wouldn't know where to look for the probable culprit. If you need any specific info just ask. Cheers. crash.mp4
  4. Hi, Unable to add swatches from text objects as Global colors through right-click>Add to Swatches> From Fill, Line, Both as Global. Cheers. Matej
  5. Hi, My way to reproduce: 1. Create a "Global Color" named Theme color in the "Document swatches" 2. Add any PANTONE color to the same "Document swatches" 3. Edit the "Theme color" through right-click > Edit Fill > Swatches > Double-click the PANTONE color > Crash Cheers, Matej global colour crash.afdesign
  6. Hi, Export to PDF - Crop marks do not respect the set bleed in the attached file. It works in release AD The file was created in AD 1.5. Regards, Matej crop marks - no bleeds.afdesign
  7. Hi, Wrong color displayed in the context toolbar - see attached image. I am also attaching the file, maybe it has to do with document setup. Regards, Matej wrong color display on context toolbar.afdesign
  8. Hi, While I was reporting the bug with the bleeds I stumbled on this one. Select the cropped screenshot in the attached file and "Export selection without background" to jpg - it seems that it fits the whole cropped object to the cropping shape. Regards, Matej export selection as jpg - bug.zip
  9. It is indeed possible :lol:. I'm not sure if this was added in the mean time, because I haven't noticed someone mentioning it, but you can export specific artboards in a single pdf document and it is actually pretty trivial: Just select the artboards you want to export in layers panel or by shift+clicking the the artboard titles in the canvas and go to Export to pdf > Area:Selection without background > Export and you will get a multipage pdf of just the selected artboards. I wish I had known this sooner, so I'm posting this for those who were, like me, missing this "hidden" feature. :) Regards, Matej
  10. Hi, Here is a how I'm getting it to crash: 1) Open attached HDR render 2) Add Levels Adjustment (on top not as a child layer) > crash Regards, Matej m2.zip
  11. Hi, When comparing the "flip vertical" to "flip horizontal" behaviour in transform panel the flip vertical changes the y value and also flips the reference node(a lighter and a bit bigger node), while flip horizontal only changes the x value but does not flip the reference node and makes the x value of the object appear wrong relative to the artboard. Regards, Matej
  12. Hi, Exporting the "background" artboard to PDF (with "Rasterise: Everything" set in the more options dialog), doesn't export the "mozaik" group - attached file. Regards, Matej
  13. Hi, attached file1 - try to apply some constraints to. the "icon" group, and it will apply a fill colour. attached file2 - try to do the same and it will change the neighbouring text size Regards, Matej constraints problem.afdesign constraints problem 2.afdesign
  14. Hi, Changing the colour opacity in the Colour Panel with the scroll wheel has no efect on the selected object -You have to focus the input box and press enter to apply the scrolled value. Regards, Matej
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