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  1. Thanks for the explanation and the workaround. Cheers.
  2. Hi, While I was reporting the bug with the bleeds I stumbled on this one. Select the cropped screenshot in the attached file and "Export selection without background" to jpg - it seems that it fits the whole cropped object to the cropping shape. Regards, Matej export selection as jpg -
  3. Hi, If you try to export the attached file as pdf with included bleeds, the "image (Embedded document)" in the file does not create bleeds in the exported pdf. Regards, Matej
  4. Hi, Resizing an artboard via transform panel, that was converted from a shape, ignores "Lock Children" beeing checked. After you enter a new size, at first it displays correctly but after you click somewhere, it deforms the artboard's children. This works correctly in AD 1.5. Regards, Matej
  5. Hi, Low contrast (white) text, when the appearance of the swatches is set to "Show as List". Cheers, Matej
  6. Hi, Unable to add an artboard to selection, if it is encompassed by the bounding rectangle of the already made selection. Regards, Matej
  7. Hi, If a symbol's children are only vertical or horizontal straight lines, you are unable to select it by directly clicking on it with the select tool, you have to use other selection options. Regards, Matej
  8. It is indeed possible :lol:. I'm not sure if this was added in the mean time, because I haven't noticed someone mentioning it, but you can export specific artboards in a single pdf document and it is actually pretty trivial: Just select the artboards you want to export in layers panel or by shift+clicking the the artboard titles in the canvas and go to Export to pdf > Area:Selection without background > Export and you will get a multipage pdf of just the selected artboards. I wish I had known this sooner, so I'm posting this for those who were, like me, missing this "hidden" feature. :) Regards, Matej
  9. Hi, If you delete a single artboard, you get a confirmation dialog to keep or delete objects, which you don't get if you are trying to delete multiple artboards at once. Cheers, Matej
  10. Hi, Toolbar buttons float to the left after app restart, if the UI was hidden(Toggled Off) before it. Regards, Matej
  11. Hi, Pasting from Clipboard into a symbol applies the pasted content to all symbol instances even if the sync button is off. Cheers, Matej
  12. Thanks for the confirmation guys. ;)
  13. Hi, AD crashes or freezes when I do this: 1) Create a closed curve with the pen tool. 2) Make sure the node where the curve's start and end meet is set to smooth 3) Apply the Assorted > Water brush to the curve 4) Set the "Mitre" value to 1 > crash - if not move some nodes Regards, Matej
  14. Great. :) No need to make a feature request then. Thanks.