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  1. New document. Used a Footer style, but also tried with a plain Body style. When editing the style, could make the selection for Towards spine or Away from spine, but as soon as I click on OK Publisher instantly closes.
  2. When editing a paragraph style and selecting alignment of either Towards spine or Away from spine, Publisher crashes.
  3. When editing a paragraph style and selecting alignment of either Towards spine or Away from spine, Publisher crashes.
  4. Undoubtedly this request is already somewhere in the many; and a google search shows lots of energetic pleas for it: The ability to move the ruler origin is essential for my work. I can't dump Illustrator until I get this feature as well as arrowheads and calligraphic brushes. Designer has some amazing features, but if we're to have a satisfactory replacement for Illustrator, wouldn't it be better to provide the absolutely basic and essential features first and then add the arcane stuff later? (Same problem in Publisher – can't anchor images and that's absolutely basic and essential for dumping InDesign.) Affinity team, please focus on the can't-live-without features of Illustrator and put them in Designer ... until you do, we're still being price gouged by Adobe. Meanwhile, I find I'm using Graphic far more than Designer because at least it has arrowheads (not as good as Illustrator, but acceptable) and calligraphic brushes. There's so much to love about Designer but the missing essential features become a source of resentment the longer they're missing. I guess Affinity is still deciding whether they want us to leave Adobe or just use Designer as well ...??
  5. No, in same document. I can draw an object but I find even if I set a fill BEFORE drawing, there is no fill when drawn. Have to put it in afterwards.... really annoying. Then, whatever I've set for the stroke thickness and colour is NOT used when I draw the next object. I cannot find anyway to make the settings stick and, unfortunately, the "Help" doesn't seem to have anything on it. Am I missing something?
  6. Really, really, really need arrowheads. Until Designer has these I cannot get rid of Illustrator. Really essential feature, guys. Illustrator has had since some time in the 1980s! Graphic has them. And it has calligraphic brushes too!
  7. Many, many thanks. Also sounds like importing PDF works reasonably–very well.. However, I'll give the batch converter a trial tomorrow.
  8. Agree. I have 20 years' worth of INDD files and now laboriously, as time permits, wading through and exporting IDML so I can move to Quark and/or Affinity Publisher. But would be so good if Publisher could import/open INDD files. can't wait to dump Adobe and their rip-off subscription system.
  9. I find that every time I use the brush in Designer I'm having to reset the stroke and fill settings to what I want with each new object. How do I get Designer to retain the settings after completing one object so that they will also apply to the next object?
  10. Yes, please. Arrowheads at the end of lines is a must for my work. Illustrator does them wonderfully. However, I'd love to be able to leave Adobe ... but not until Affinity has arrowheads on lines.
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