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  1. Well thank you, I understand. I never thought what you couldn't see outside of the artboard would still be taken into account during the export. Now I see why people were talking about the option to show objects going outside of the artboard. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I've been trying to make bleed work for a long time, searched this forum thoroughly, and never found a clear answer. I have an artboard of 24*36 in for a poster with a gray background. I'm adding a bleed of 0.125 in on every side in the settings of the document. I'm increasing the width and the height of the artboard by 0.25 in, in order to make my gray background extend into the bleed area. I export the artboard in PDF while checking the "include bleed" and "include cutting marks" setting. RESULT : the cutting marks are placed at exactly the limits of the 24*36 poster, INSTEAD of the desired 24.25*36.25 limits. How can I make this work? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone. I confirm hiding the rulers greatly improves performances for me as well!
  4. People tend to only compare computers based on their technical aspects. Let's not forget about the OS lads! IMO macOS is just miles ahead of windows. That has always been the main thing making me stick with Apple. You just save so much time and energy avoiding instability, forced updates (*cough* Win10), malwares, bugs etc and using an overall quicker OS.
  5. Alright, thank you very much. Try not forgetting about me! ;)
  6. Hello Chris, thank you for your answer. I went into the preferences and set the rendering to low quality as you asked. The drop of performance remained exactly the same. No improvements. I then tried changing the other settings to performance over quality, which had no effect either. Any other idea about where this could come from?
  7. Press CMD+T and you should find all the text options you need there. :)
  8. Very nice! Did you really only use AD to make this? Must have taken a while to design these flowers and bushes.
  9. Haha I like it, you should make episode 2: the missing sock that somehow vanished and the remaining one forever alone.
  10. Hello fellow affinity designers, I recently noticed some performance issues with Affinity Designer. Started with 1.5 update. Runs very smoothly on my 2012 Macbook Pro (13" 1280*800, 8Gb Ram, 2.9GHz Core i7, Intel 4000 1536Mb) Runs laggy and with load times on my 2015 iMac (27" 5K retina, 32Gb Ram, 4GHz Core i7, AMD Radeon R9 4096Mb) Both computers run macOs Sierra 10.12.1 Examples about the performance issues: When I move a shape or some text around, even in an empty document, it's like if my "FPS" dropped. The elements/objets don't move smoothly anymore, they kind of jump around like if my computer was having a hard time. This also happens when I edit a gradient with the gradient tool for example Many other scenarios. To summ it up, my better computer (by far) is having a way harder time (by far) running AD 1.5. I'd really appreciate some solutions/explanations about this issue. It has a big impact on my workflow. C~
  11. Yea sorry what I meant is that as said in the original post it doesn't give you the distance between several objects for example. What I'm ideally looking for is a king of "ruler" tool. :/ Edit: I can manage to find distances by doing math with the transform panel though. Thanks for your answers!
  12. Thanks for the tip but I already know the transform panel, it doesn't give you the size of the object you have selected. I actually need this to be able to "convert" my designs to CSS, so knowing the pixels dimensions would have been useful. I can try to do more or less the same thing visually but it won't be as precise & quick.
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