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  1. I would expect it to stop all auto-notifications of new versions. But I'm old enough to remember when software didn't ever automatically tell me there was an update or a newer version available because there was no internet by which it could exploit bandwidth that I pay for to phone home every freakin' time I launched it. For example, I'm still using Illustrator CS6 because I won't rent software. I don't get any notifications about the availability of every piddling update to CC versions or downgrades to CC versions. And I sure don't miss 'em. My newest motorcycle has a digital scree
  2. I agree. "Later" or "Remind Me Later" Is better than "OK." And there's nothing wrong with including the "Don't remind me again" checkbox, followed by an alert that says "You can select Check For Updates in the Help menu at any time." JET
  3. Agree. I have nothing against this as an optional feature (although it would be so far down on my feature wish-list , given all the other more important things still needing work in Affinity) but... Just because a (frankly, rather esoteric) geometric shape has been implemented by Apple as part of its branding design, does not mean such a currently vogue designerly fad should be foisted upon everyone else as a default. By way of analogy, consider Inkscape's Spiro curves. It's certainly a very useful and even innovative feature for creating continually-circular curves, and I would even
  4. It's been "raised as a feature request" in Adobe Illustrator since the beginning, by FreeHand and Canvas users who took it for granted. Every vector drawing program should provide user-defined drawing scales. Just as every vector drawing program should show length of a selected path, and provide for straightforwardly specifying lines in terms of length and angle, not 'height' and 'width.' Vector-based drawing is—by intent, purpose, and definition—all about resolution independence and therefore all about drawing scale. JET
  5. The reason for a feature request forum is for users to be able to discuss the merits of specific requests. That's why it's far better to create separate threads for each specific feature. "My Personal Wishlist" threads just end up being ignored as soon as they turn into the un-navigable grab-bag of scrambled discussions—which they all do. No one comes to a forum like this to read every individual user's 'all-encompassing' list. JET
  6. That is an absolutely false analogy. Is using Illustrator analogous to 'using a car without a reverse' because you have to (egads!) switch to Photoshop in order to edit a raster image? Auto-tracing is a standalone operation. You do it, and then dink around with the vector results after the fact. You don't auto-trace a raster image, go back and edit the raster image, auto-trace the image again, use other tools to edit the result, rasterize the result, auto-trace it again, ad nauseum. In other words, you don't edit the raster image or the auto-traced results while in the process of running
  7. Yeah, I saw it after posting above. But I wasn't attacking gyalogosdesign, and no offense was intended. My comment was as much for the general readers. As you know, posting multiple different requests as a personal wish list in a single thread is bad practice, but unfortunately a very common one in forums like this. JET
  8. Yes, but this thread is about snaps and selection. Each feature request should have its own thread. That's the only way others can peruse the feature requests in a navigable list in order to comment on them. That's also why no one should ever create those annoying 'My Top 10 List of Feature Requests' threads. That just wastes the purpose of the thread title and effectively buries all of the feature requests in a meaningless grab-bag. No one is going to open and read through everyone's 'My Wish List" to see what thing(s) are actually being discussed. That's why Dominik suggested your
  9. It's also another "low hanging fruit" opportunity to surpass Illustrator. Throughout the FreeHand vs Illustrator competitive years, FreeHand users knew what a huge advantage it was to work with hairline strokes in the normal full-color interface. The only way to get hairline editing behavior in Illustrator is to put it in its lame Outline Mode. JET
  10. I said: even the 5 basic ones (clearly referring to the 5 basic shape tools) were not even live shapes. The subject is the dialogs that open for each shape tool. Effect Menu>Convert To Shape is an entirely different subject. It has nothing to do with the shape primitive tools. Yeah, it could be used as a poor man's workaround for Illustrator's total lack of any editable LBO objects before even the lame "during mouseDown only" adjustment was added. The Effect 'converts' any object to display as either a rectangle or an ellipse (i.e., three shapes: rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse)
  11. CS6: You mouseDown and drag with one of the shape tools: During mouseDown, you can use arrow keys (and on some, other momentary modifier keys) to modify the parameters: But upon mouseUp, you just have ordinary paths: These are not live shape objects. They do not have adjustable parameters after creation, like most programs do (including Affinity). That came later in Illustrator, after the rental-only licensing. Illustrator was very late to the live shape primitives game, even with the limited functionality shown above in CS6. JET
  12. Agree. Every vector drawing program should provide path length (and area, for that matter) for a selected path. Illustrator's was for much of its history hidden away in an undocumented 'Easter egg' programmer's window, the shortcut for which became known to users who in turn demanded its being added to the normal interface. So it ended up rather awkwardly in the catch-all Document Info panel. JET
  13. Expand Stroke is, of course, a workaround as you said. But I'm sure the Affinity team knows that, and am confident a proper offset path command will be added. Hopefully it will be better than AI's; in that it will have options for intersection intelligence like Draw's Contour. I also hope it will have an option to require an offset path to have the same number of nodes as the original, even at the sacrifice of strict geometric 'accuracy' when rendered impossible by that option. The reason is, one of the most common uses for offset paths is to serve as base paths for object blends (which a
  14. This is one I don't really find hugely significant. In Illustrator, you can: Select the tool (or key its shortcut) Click (don't drag) in the document window to invoke its modal dialog Key in the desired value(s) Dismiss the dialog In Affinity, you can: Select the tool (or key its shortcut). Drag in the document window. Key the desired value(s) in the already visible non-modal Transform Panel (assuming you always have it open, as I do, in any drawing program). That also gives you access to position, rotation and skew transforms in the very same plac
  15. Kuttyjoe, Nothing I've posted is "a lie.' It is my response to the desirability of yet-another "me, too" auto-tracing feature, and is based on decades of experience. My take on the subject is every bit as valid as yours. Discuss features, not people. JET
  16. Actually, the Move dialog opens when you tap Enter because you have the Move Tool selected. If you had one of the other transform tools selected, its corresponding dialog would open. When you re-invoke one of Illustrator's transform tool dialogs, it opens with the previously used values still there. it's something I and countless other longtime AI users leverage constantly. It's arguable whether this is really a deliberately intended feature, or more a "happy accident" inherent to the modal dialogs. After all, as soon as you use the same dialog with a different value, the previous on
  17. Kuttyjoe, again; stop with your personal insults. You don't know me from Adam, and I don't care one whit whether you 'like' me. We are here to discuss software. Either keep it to that, or shut up. JET
  18. You're the one who challenged everyone who disagrees with you on the basis if their 'lack of experience.' Or, you could simply post some "before and after" examples demonstrating how, when, and why auto-tracing is so essential and why you can't use a separate utility program for it. Stop with your ad hominem insults. The discussion here is about a feature. JET
  19. One guy's opinion. But you still haven't defined what constitutes an objectively "very good" auto-trace feature. You've just said "very good" equates to "excellent" or "much improved." All of these impassioned 'must have' demand threads for an auto-trace feature are tellingly devoid of real world examples of when and why an auto trace feature is so dang 'essential' and how its absence renders Affinity (or any other program) 'useless' and prevents 'switching to it' (another silly cliché) from any other program. I'm quite familiar with Illustrator and Corel Draw (and most other mainstr
  20. What do you expect the company developers to 'answer'? They know it's a necessary feature. It will be added when appropriate from a development standpoint. It's not there yet. Yes, you've "seen this kind of request for years." That's why yet another thread on it is unnecessary. JET
  21. Please name threads by a specific topic. Everyone knows it's a "Feature Request" because it's in the Feature Requests & Suggestions sub-forum. JET
  22. Affinity is not the only program that will display that message when you try to 'open' or 'place' a native .ai file that contains no .pdf version of itself. You will get the same thing in, for example, Inkscape, and even in Adobe's own InDesign. This is part and parcel of the fallout of Adobe's pretense that 'Illustrator's native format is PDF'. When you save an Illustrator document, by default, a complete and separate version of the document is "dumbed down" to more basic PDF objects and stored within the file. If that default option is switched off when you save the file, then no PDF ve
  23. It's a good thing those occasions are rare. I would not do that with any drawing program other than Illustrator, regardless of whether the other program can Save As… .ai format. Moreover, if I were the customer, I would utterly disallow it. For example: CorelDraw can Save As… .ai. But that doesn't make it appropriate for use as a round-trip editor in a workflow that requires starting and ending with a native Illustrator file. The very same goes for the inverse situation: Illustrator can 'open' a CorelDraw file. (It cannot export a .cdr file). But were I a customer creating original .
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