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  1. @BasS Welcome to the Affinity forums. I think this thread might be a good place to start as you investigate the keyboard shortcuts. HTH Jeff
  2. Yes, the installation location is C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps\Affinity\... but that is a "hidden" folder for which you have to gain Administrator permission via the Security tab. There is a very useful utility TakeOwnershipEx which will allow you to access this folder (by changing permissions) and, after you have completed whatever you need to do, will also enable the resetting of those permissions to the Windows default. However, having done that and gained access I'm not at all sure whether this will actually allow you to set up the file associations you wished to do. HTH Jeff
  3. @NST Welcome to the Affinity forums. From where did you purchase Publisher? From what you write I suspect it was the Affinity (Serif) store, whereas you bought Designer and Photo on the Mac App Store. If that is correct, because the Serif and Mac stores have NO connection or interchange of information at all, the MAS will always show Publisher as "available to buy". HTH Jeff
  4. Welcome to the Affinity forums. I can't help you with the problem of geographical location but I can tell you that PagePlus and DrawPlus files will not open directly in any of the Affinity apps. The only method currently available is to save/export those files as pdf in the originating apps and then open the pdf(s) in the selected Affinity app. This method is not "perfect" or "ideal", perhaps, but it is the only way. HTH Jeff (another long-time user of Serif "legacy" products)
  5. That is something you will need to discuss with your bank or card issuer. Serif have no control over how long your bank/card issuer takes to remove the charge on your account. Jeff
  6. @DM Green What about what @walt.farrell asked, the Windows Event Viewer? Jeff
  7. @DM Green Welcome to the Affinity forums. Please go to %appdata%/Affinity/Photo/1.0/CrashReports/reports and post here the most recent of any files stored there. (If you're not sure how to access this folder and files, press the Windows key and R and copy and paste the address into the box that opens.) I assume when you say HARD Crash you mean the app crashes, or are you saying that Windows crashes? Hopefully, it is not the latter! HTH Jeff
  8. @Michelle Coombes That is the confirmation that you actually "bought" (though no payment involved) the Affinity Publisher pre-release Beta. That phase of the app's cycle is now long-finished; the app has been released (as a paid-for item) and there is also a Customer Beta program, to install which you must have previously purchased the release version of the app. There is currently, for a few days at least, a 50% off sale, so now might well be the "perfect time" for you to buy! 😀 HTH Jeff
  9. @Mike Barnes I would fully endorse what @Claudio60 has written. I actually use an Epson V550 scanner for precisely this kind of work. It is not cheap but, in my opinion, well worth the money if you have a large number of slides and/or negatives to scan. HTH Jeff
  10. @Ruty Welcome the Serif Affinity forums. Your question is about one of Serif's legacy products; the forum for that is here. The very specific information you need is to be found in this post. Ensure you read the second post in that thread. HTH Jeff
  11. @Michelle Coombes You say you purchased Affinity Publisher in 2018. But it was not released until June 2019. (See this post from Ash Hewson) Assuming you do mean a purchase made in 2018, I suspect you actually bought Designer or Photo? Whichever it was should certainly still be showing in your account at whichever store you chose to purchase through. HTH Jeff
  12. @Thomas892 You have opened your "Program Data" folder which is not the one Gabe asked you to rename! To access the specific file, press the "Windows" key (normally bottom left of your keyboard and "r" (the "r" key). This will open the Run box. Into that box copy and paste the exact words that Gabe gave you, i.e. That will reveal the actual folder you need to change, "1.0" to "1.0 Backup". (By default, the "AppData" folder is hidden from users.) HTH Jeff
  13. @blackxacto What a disaster for you! I cant even begin to imagine how you must be feeling to lose all those files and years of work. Is it literally every file? I assume, from something you wrote earlier, that they were stored on iCloud? Or have I misunderstood? You say what you are left with are not aliases, but could they originally have been "links" to the actual files which are now "missing"/have been somehow "(re)moved"? If the latter, is there anywhere else at all in your file storage system where these files might possibly be? BTW, is this on Windows or Mac? Jeff
  14. @blackxacto Both the attachments are less than 180 bytes in size so are not going to be openable by any image software, I suspect. Are they actually "links" to the actual files? Jeff
  15. @louismark Thanks for the update. Sorry it didn't work! 😥 Following on from what @v_kyr wrote, I run the latest version of Canon DPP so would be quite happy to test one of your files (to see how the software would handle it) if you were to attach one to a post. Jeff
  16. @louismark A suggestion (which may or may not work!): make a copy of one of your .TIF files and change its extension from .TIF to .cr2. Point this file with the changed extension to Aff Photo. Theoretically, it might now open it as a RAW file which you can then develop. If it works, you will need to repeat the process for all your files, I think. I believe it is possible to obtain software that will allow the batch renaming of all your image files to xxxx.cr2 but I have no experience of any such app. If it doesn't work, my apologies! Jeff
  17. @Skyfoogle Welcome to the Affinity forums. I feel your pain about the non-functioning of certain parts of your Win 10 installation. I recently experienced something of the same; specifically, for me, Windows Firewall failed to start and the M$ Store "disappeared" (I don't really use much of its offerings, apart from "Your phone" which is a very convenient method of transferring photos etc from my phone to my PC). I also experienced a problem that the various components of Office 365 all complained they could not log into my M$ account; indeed, all attempts to log into it failed. I had a feeling the two problems were connected but couldn't understand how! I think the core of my problem was because both the M$ Store and Office, along with services like Windows Updates, require a functioning Windows Firewall. (I do have Bullguard Internet Security as my antivirus and firewall; the advice always used to be that, if one had a proprietary firewall installed, the built-in Windows one should be turned off; that is no longer true.) Like you, I tried a variety of solutions, all of which were offered on the internet, especially ones which gave various methods of "repairing" the Firewall - I didn't try M$ Support since, rather as you seem to be experiencing, I have a feeling they rather quickly tend to wash their hands of anything that is not easily solvable - spending a rather large number of hours "trying" various solutions, especially with regard to enabling the Windows Firewall to start, all without success. 😭 I was able to ultimately resolve the problem, thanks to the writer of this web page. Important disclaimer: I have nothing whatsoever to do with the author of the page but, carefully following the instructions etc. on that page and, in my case, resetting the DCOM permissions for Office, Windows Firewall started and ran successfully, M$ Store returned (along with "Your phone") and Office no longer complained about being unable to log into my M$ account. So, for me at least, it worked! And the solution "stuck"; all the various problem apps are still functioning fully, some months later. Might be worth a try for you? It is quite a complicated method, not to be undertaken "lightly". If you are not happy to do it yourself, do you have a computer technician anywhere near, and to whom you can at least talk during this international lockdown, to ask advice or help to carry out the procedure? HTH Jeff
  18. @Thomas892 Since this is a public forum you should immediately remove your product key from your post. That information is confidential and private to you; if you make it public it is possible that others may see and attempt to use it. @Gabe, just in case Thomas does not see my post I am tagging you so that you are aware and then can remove that confidential info. Jeff
  19. @Alexey Adamitsky Unfortunately, the fact that @Sean P is unable to reproduce the problem strongly suggests it is being caused by something on your computer. I am absolutely no expert on such things but I wonder whether it is the fact that you have a larger monitor size, or even that you are using two GPUs? I entirely agree it should not happen but it may be down to you to troubleshoot the problem on your computer, especially if no-one else can reproduce it. BTW, you also wrote The "latest Windows 10" (full release) version is actually 1909. Is it worth considering updating to this version? HTH Jeff
  20. @robertsz Welcome to the Affinity forums. Did you uninstall the trial version before installing the full, purchased version? If not, I would completely uninstall the app (which one, by the way?) and then reboot the computer and reinstall the purchased version. To ensure the "old" install is completely removed you might like to have a look at this Microsoft tool. HTH Jeff
  21. @ParadisePhotography776 Welcome to the Affinity forums. As previously advised in this thread, choose Export and one of the option for format is PSD. (See the image in @GarryP's post two above yours. Jeff
  22. @beetus Welcome to the Affinity forums. I suspect you may need to attach an example of a RAW file which fails to open so that other users can take a look at it, though I'm not sure whether new users have the option to add attachments? Perhpas upload to a file-sharing site and give the download link here? Which camera produced the RAW files? It is possible it is of a type that AP cannot yet open. You say you drag and drop. Have you tried simply using File>Open and navigating to your file? Jeff
  23. I am tempted to ask: an Adobe troll??? Just to add, I have the latest NIK collection working perfectly in AP. It is a real shame when users slander the software for doing/not doing something they think it should not/should and seem to demand they be given "special treatment" when others attempt to help (e.g. the post requiring someone to say Click this button then that button then this button and that button. Where is each button? Be specific.) Just my opinion! 🤔 Jeff
  24. @FranckHd Welcome to the Affinity forums. Your Microsoft Store Account is totally separate from any Affinity account you may create. To access downloads from the Affinity store click on the links you see (?on the Welcome screen), that will take you to the Affinity Store where, in order to purchase or download anything, you will need to create an account just for that store. Once you have done that your address will be recognised. HTH Jeff
  25. @jdaniel715 Thanks for the updates. I believe you can order the Workbook now but as to when you will receive it, who knows? Although courier deliveries do seem to be continuing, in the UK at least. Jeff
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