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    Moscool got a reaction from dominik in Change 'next paragraph style' default   
    It sure does! All working now, many thanks! (note to the UI team: not the most obvious feature...)
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    Moscool reacted to ThierryMbp15 in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (mac)   
    Bonjour à tous,
    Et oui un français, bravo a toute votre équipe qui nous font à chaque fois prendre du plaisir à utiliser vos logiciels. Après Designer Photo voici Publisher et franchement que du bonheur, bon encore quelques petit problème ca et la mais rien de pénalisant. Pour moi le seul soucis est qu'il n'ouvre pas les pdf comme Aperçu, il faut à tout prix avoir les polices ou autres et cela me pose des soucis il faut d'abord que j'ouvre le pdf avec Photoshop pour pouvoir l'intégrer ensuite dans publisher ou designer pour l'utiliser.
    Ensuite le nec plus ultra serait de pouvoir créer des fichiers a partir de base de données (liens etc etc...)
    En tous les cas merci pour votre travail
    Amitiés Thierry
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    Moscool got a reaction from Alfred in Affinity Publisher   
    Indeed. Wherefore actually means 'Why' in the play (as in why are you from the wrong family?) I think this applies to Publisher too: Why oh why are we being strung along AND there being no Mac solution (even a basic one) in the meantime...
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    Moscool reacted to MEB in Extensions for Apple Photos + Video Tutorial   
    Hi ladrysdale,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Here's the whole workflow in Affinity Photo 1.5 (currently in Beta - it will be out soon) described in detail:
    from the Albums View (in Apple Photos), double-click the thumbnail of the image you want to edit - Apple Photos will display the image View mode  click the Edit Photo button on the top right (second button counting from right) - to enter edit mode (dark background) click the extensions icon on the right (the last one) and select Edit in Affinity Photo Affinity Photo opens with the image loaded ready for editing (RAW files will open in Develop Persona, processed files - JPG's - will open in Photo Persona) edit the RAW/processed image as usual - add new layers adjustments, filters, masks as you see fit go to menu File ▸ Close or close the document tab - Affinity will prompt you to Save the document. Select Save. NOTE: Doing a Save before closing the document will NOT update the image in Apple Photos. We must close the document tab/file in Affinity Photo to update the image in App Photos click Save Changes on the top right of the interface in Apple Photos to save the changes. click Done to revert to View mode in Apple Photos.    NOTE: To create more than one edited version, duplicate the original in Apple Photos right-clicking on its thumbnail (in Albums View) and selecting Duplicate 1 Photo.
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    Moscool got a reaction from Fixx in Adding noise in global colours   
    As far as I can tell, one cannot directly add noise when creating a global colour. There's a workaround, but it's a bit cumbersome:
    - Create an object and create/apply a noisy colour
    - In the swatches panel create a global colour, this will take you to a new colour creation wheel; create any colour you want
    - Select your noisy colour from 'recent' and drag it to your 'painter palette with a dot' icon
    - Delete the first global colour (if you don't have a use for it
    So the feature request is simply to have a noise slider in the global colour panel
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    Moscool reacted to MEB in Crop Tool   
    Yes, there is. They are available from the Affinity Beta Support section, pinned at the top of the respective section, but the next Mac App Store update for Affinity Photo is coming in a couple weeks, so you may prefer to wait a little more. It will include all the changes/improvements introduced in the Beta.
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    Moscool got a reaction from Ian in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    Thanks Ian and MEB. All working fine now
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