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  1. I didn't say previous beta, although that happens all the time too, i said starting a new branch from the previous release, not only does it happen all the time, it is actually recommended form when creating new experimental features, maybe the audio world is different to whatever you do, but it happens all the time and it is a great way to work. Dunno maybe the code we use in audio software is a lot more modular, but you are more than welcome to cme and tell all the audio software developers i test for that they should be sacked, in fact pop over and tell Justin Frankel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Frankel, probably one of the most famous (Infamous ?) developers of the last twenty years, because he does it on a weekly basis as part of his teams development process, notably known for being the fastest developers in the audio world too, you can catch him at the Reaper forum or at the nullsoft IRC ;)
  2. I am currently using copy paste a lot, but i have yet to find the command to create an instance (Create 15 copies, modify 1 and all the other 15 change) Can somebody point me in the right direction, I want to be able to instance shapes and groups. Cheers
  3. That beta may not make it to release, they may branch again off 1.4.2, so yes, of course it is a bug, it doesn't stop being a bug until a released version does not have it, i guess you haven't been involved in much testing ;)
  4. His reply is total nonsense of course, you could easily cross reference Apples sales details and supply a Windows licence to those users, truth is you want double the money, so just be honest about it and say you want double the money, there is no shame in that, you are a business and have to pay your employees.
  5. No it works fine here in Photo and in designer 1.5 beta, but not in 1.4.2, it is most definitely a bug
  6. Yes it is definitely a 1.4.2 issue, the latest beta shows recent files perfectly :(
  7. Also FYI, the right click on the icon in the dock is only showing files from pre 1.4.2 update.
  8. Yes, as i mentioned, that was the first thing i tried, makes no difference at all
  9. Unfortunately, that preference does not exist ? If you mean the OSX prefs, that was the first thing i checked, and it makes no difference, like i say, it works everywhere else including Affinity Photo.
  10. Since i updated Designer to 1.4.2 the recent docs and Reopen document on restart have stopped working. Any ideas ? (Photo works fine 1.4.2) 2014 MB Air
  11. Wow, Really ? Win 10 has been nothing short of superb on any 10" plus HD tablet here, anything below 10" and it feels like you are shoving a knife up your own ying yang
  12. Is this likely any time soon ? Macros are needed a lot here for UI work (Honestly, it is starting to piss me off having to even load PS) Cheers
  13. OK, so what i have been doing is the only way to do it then, thanks for letting me know. Oh another quick joining question, i noticed that when i use the paint brush and it leaves an open curve, if i zoom in and move the end node over the opposite end node, it automagically joins them, this is ridiculously cool, is it supposed to work like that, or do i ave something turned on to do that ?
  14. So say i have a line like that, how do i create a line between the two nodes ? Sorry, I am no pro designer, i just do what i need to do for any particular job. Nothing i do seems to work.
  15. Hmm so i tried to use join to create a line between to points on an open curve, it did nothing whatsoever, maybe i should just stick to Inkscape until i have vast amount of time to rethink the way i work.
  16. Aha, so maybe i should just stick to what i am doing right now, which is just layer the shapes and group them. This works fine for simple geometry, but i have a character to trace later, i suspect i may have to pull Inkscape out for that, the tools just work.
  17. So i have two shapes, lets say one is a triangle and one is a square for simplicity I want to join the two shapes to make a single shape (Like a simple house) I move the shapes in to position (Both are on the same single layer) I use snap to selected node to move the node at the bottom right of the triangle directly over the node at the top right of the square, i use the node tool to marquee select both nodes, i press join, and bam, absolutely nothing happens ? Is this intended, because i am pretty sure this just works in inkscape.
  18. That is 100% Zoom, like i very clearly stated it is small imagery, and it is getting very very very annoying, every time they release a new version they break the program in one way or another, it is making my work near impossible
  19. When using filters on very small imagery, what you see is not what you get when you hit apply, as seen in this .gif Note* 1.4 was not doing this, it is a new bug to 1.4.1
  20. Same thing here, totally unusable software, no idea how it got in to the apps of the year thing ?????
  21. affinity crash.txt Try to export and it just disappears Totally unusable software
  22. It seems to be a little less crashy in El Capitan for me, but honestly El Capitan is the worst OS update on any platform i have ever come across, save dialogue being borked is so huge that it beggars belief that Apple actually released it like that. One trick i have found when Affinity does the save hang/freeze is to click on another active app (I tend to just click on Safari) and that resets the hang/freeze, this has been working for me so far, not sure if you will get any use out of it ?
  23. Pretty sure plenty of people have already requested a normal (You know round wheel hahaha) crop tool, make a selection and crop, just like any other app that ever existed in the history of software, oh wait, just like every Serif app that ever existed before this one too hahahaha. Yes Affinity is great, yes it is very very very very basic at the moment and missing a lot of stuff, but what is there is not bad, it isn't PS obviously but it is not bad.
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