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  1. How do you resize all layers in a group (Designer) When i resize the layers all resize differently and not in place as it were.
  2. Why does the iPad version have to be such nonsense, create an arrow, tap move, move said arrow, oh wait, no it doesn't work, you cant move the damn arrow, it just sizes it instead. It is such terrible design when a tool does not do what it is supposed to do, why even release it in this state ?
  3. If i rotate a 1 pixel line exactly 90 degrees using arrange, it is blurred, that is wrong behaviour. Affinity Photo
  4. Oh man, are you guys not getting it, it was force aligned, it was rotated exactly 90 degrees, so it cant anti alias, how can a square pixel rotated 90 degrees antialias, or has every piece of software that ever existed before affinity including the software by the same developers always been doing it wrong, its a bug, simple as that.
  5. Bungle

    Absolutely infuriating

    I guess move just isnt supposed to work then ?
  6. Oh sorry, i thought posting (AP) in the title would show i mean't Affinity Photo, my mistake, this is a painted line, not a vector line EDIT* Hmm i did put Affinity photo in the original post too, maybe i should have said painted line too, again i apologise, but this behaviour is still very poor, a 1 pixel line shouldnt blur when being rotated, vector or painted
  7. OK, cheers anyway what exactly do you mean by set cap to butt cap ?
  8. WTF, i only want to do some basic pixel imagery like in previous version, now i have to change this that and the other, yes it is to do with versions, this used to just work !!
  9. WTF, now when i move a single pixel horizontal line left and right it blurs, this latest version is terrible !!!!!!!!!
  10. This is completely unusable, how do i roll back on MacOS to a usable version ?
  11. Its only a circle with a square, nothing special, but it all moves out of place, Oh FFS, just loaded up AD and redid the group, it works perfectly grrrrr, will save the file next time it happens (Has happened before, thats why i assumed it was normal)
  12. It doesnt scale as a single object, thats the problem, all the layers shift all over the place, no text
  13. Bungle

    Custom Swatches

    To be fair, the entire color picker system in general is terrible in affinity, drag the color picker, then have to click the color you just selected so it can be used by tools WTF ? There should at least be a prefs tick box to make it instantly available, you know to people who have used every other piece of software that ever existed. Affinity is great, but sometimes they just reinvent the wheel and make it white noise shaped !
  14. Bungle

    Custom Swatches

    So its just me then who finds creating palletes to be completely obtuse ? Click on the lines, click add color, panel shows, drag the color picker to the wanted color, then click on the color so that it is in the color box, then click add. But wait, just to run it in, the damn add color box now disappears, so you have to click on the lines, click add color.........on and on and on and on and on. Surely this is either the wrong way to do it or some cruel joke ?
  15. Bungle

    Photo selection bug ?

    Any news on this, it is really starting to be very annoying
  16. Pretty sure previous versions didn't do this, but it is possible i am doing something wrong But making precise selections is impossible for me now See GIF
  17. Bungle

    Photo selection bug ?

    Thanks, for the record snapping was off, and it only happens when you are close to the edges of the image, this is a pain when you are doing pixel art UI work
  18. Apple does not allow upgrade pricing on the istore as far as i know (Bunch of other developers have hit this point) so when 2 is released it will be an entirely new purchase
  19. Surely he is just talking about the inpainting brush in photo, which will obviously be in Affinity Photo for Windows when it is released ;)
  20. Bungle


    Do people not realise how big Serif are ? They are not some small start up that needs the funds urgently, these guys are major major players and have been for a very long time. We will all get the Windows releases when they are ready (Expect sooner than later, they want their current windows line replaced by the new software)
  21. Since i updated Designer to 1.4.2 the recent docs and Reopen document on restart have stopped working. Any ideas ? (Photo works fine 1.4.2) 2014 MB Air
  22. It works with Affnity Photo, it works with Affinity designer 1.5 beta, i doubt it is my system.
  23. 1.4.2 is the current release version and i never mentioned previous beta, not surprised you are done ;)
  24. Aaaah no i'm on the release 1.4.2, I'm doing some actual work at the minute, so don't want to risk it just in case, but brilliant to know its coming :)