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  1. Is there a way to export a 2x scaled image without blurring/anti-aliasing? The image is pixel art, so I'd like to keep it sharp when I scale it up.
  2. Turns out if I increased the size of the pixel tool, I got a square of the appropriate size... but with the lower-right pixel removed from the brush shape. So at 1px, the brush was empty. That made me check my brushes... and selecting the basic one-pixel brush seems to have fixed it!
  3. Just updated to 1.7.0, and the pixel tool isn't working. If I click or drag on a pixel layer, nothing shows up, not even if I change colors or restart Photo. Repro steps: Create a new document Add a new pixel layer Choose the pixel tool Try drawing on the canvas Did I miss some change to how the pixel tool works?
  4. Awesome, glad we got it narrowed down. Hopefully it can get fixed soon! Let me know if there's anything else I/we can do to help.
  5. I didn't have any peripherals attached at the time, bluetooth or otherwise. No other programs open before it happened, either, other than SnagIt for video capture. It seemed to respond to hover actions (it would highlight menu items, for example) and certain "tap" actions - if menu items only activate on pen up and checkboxes, etc. activate on pen down, then that might explain why some UI items work and others don't. Trackpad did work to click menu and drop-down items, while pen and touch did not work.
  6. I got to happen again - after almost an hour this time. Pen and touch both stopped working in the same way, only in AD - not in other applications. Keyboard and mouse input work fine. I attached a video of me trying various things with the pen. Here's a rundown: - I could open menus and drop-downs, but... - I could not active menu/drop-down list items by tapping them (as seen in the video when I try to deselect). - I could click buttons and checkboxes, switch tabs, select layers and brushes. - I could not drag sliders. 2017-11-02_20-27-29.mp4
  7. Yes, keyboard and mouse work. It's just the pen that doesn't. (For reference, I have a Dell Active Stylus on my Dell XPS, but it sounds like it's hitting the exact same bug as the Surface Pro folks.)
  8. Brush tools definitely still work. I think drop-downs are the ones that don't. I'll try recording a screen-capture of it.
  9. I think I was able to switch to another app, and the pen kept working in that app but not in AD. I'm going to try it again this evening, though. Anything else I can do to help you repro it?
  10. I've tried that before, and nope, same problem. I've tried turning off all other programs and as many background processes as possible. I've even tried it on several fresh installs of Windows 10 (I had to reinstall Windows twice, and then I got a new laptop of the same model). I kept thinking it was some particular action I did or button I pushed that triggered it, but it's always 15-20 minutes - and to see other people with the same issue and the same timing, I guess not? I've also only noticed it in Affinity, not in PS or InDesign or other programs.
  11. I don't know if this is still happening with the Affinity Designer 16.0 update, but this exact thing happens to me on my Dell XPS 13 2-in-1. After about 15 minutes, half the UI stops working, every time. I end up having to restart frequently, or use Adobe for projects that require longer concentration times.
  12. I'm using a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, with an Active Stylus, on Windows 10 Home and Designer 1.5.2. I find that while Designer has pretty good touch support, UI elements other than the canvas will stop responding to stylus or touch input after ~5-15 minutes of usage. Keyboard and trackpad input function normally, but sliders, menu items, and dropdowns do not respond to stylus/touch until I restart the program. This is the only program I've had this problem with, and I haven't noticed any patterns of use that lead up to this happening. The only other slightly annoying thing is that Designer does not seem to handle palm rejection very well - even if I turn off the "allow touch input while using stylus" option in Windows' settings, Designer will pick up touch input. Finally a small feature request to improve usability while using my computer in tablet mode: undo/redo buttons available for the menu bar. I do a lot of undoing, and it'd be nice not to open the menu every time. Thanks for the consideration!
  13. How do I snap one node onto another? I have two rotated rectangles, and I would like them to share a corner node. However, when I select the nodes of one rectangle using the Node Select tool and drag them over the node I want to snap to on the other rectangle, I don't get any snapping candidates. UPDATE: Nevermind... it seems to work now? I'm not sure what I did differently. (Man snapping candidates are annoying to work with.)
  14. Woah! I did not realize this was how snapping worked! I was having so much trouble getting things to snap together - probably because this technique does NOT work with my Wacom tablet. When I am dragging an object and hover over another object I wish to snap to... nothing happens. Possibly because the tablet pen is never still enough, even if the cursor doesn't appear to move. On my wishlist: better tablet support, the ability to remove snapping candidates (maybe they fade over time), and the ability to show all snapping candidates but only when dragging.
  15. +1 for exporting in custom resolutions. Creating thumbnails could be so easy if there were only a 1/2x scale option or similar.
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