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    Affinity Video Editor?

    has resolve been mentioned thus far? https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve i found it to be very capable on the editing side - not to mention the grading-module which is it's main selling point - and it's base version is free to use and pretty full-featured for typical single users, especially if you are not into grading big time: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/compare i'm a fan of the classic multi-track NLE's (like classic FC/P or premiere), as such hated my experience with the newfangled final cut pro X and wanted something proper again, nothing dumbed-down that does not know how to handle things as basic as an image sequence import and just wants to export to youtube all the time. :D resolve fit that bill. runs on both windows and osx, another plus in my book. </end of sales pitch> edit: also, resolve - like it's counterpart fusion from the same company - does not run in the cloud/require live internet connection. nicely old-fashioned that way, which might appeal to this crowd in particular. :)
  2. any update on this? has it been fixed in any of the recent betas by any chance?
  3. thomasp

    brush smoothing

    just wanted to support the request to add a 'Lazy Mouse' type of functionality to Photo!
  4. hi, first of all: terrific program(s) you are developing here! these really expose the competition's lack of performance! just wondering if you intend to let the user customize tool shortcuts at some point? could not see it mentioned in the roadmap. this is pretty much a standard across most 2D/3D tools i've come across in my day-job and very helpful when working with multiple apps so as to not get shortcuts mixed up all the time. on the mac i know we can assign our own shortcuts to menu entries via the system keyboard preference pane but from what i can see the tools are not accessible this way. please consider it!
  5. while i am strongly in the favour of dark UI's myself (and see it as one of OSX's letdowns that it's interface is just so glaringly white and not customizable beyond the menu bar for when you step out of graphics apps running full-screen) i think it totally depends on what kind of work you do and your work environment. mine requires working with often pretty flat texture files and CG renders with a lot of darks in them and is done in a dimly lit environment. a white interface would completely overpower the image contents. i actually skipped PS CS2-5 because of this and know a few others in my line of work who did similar. all my tools come with dark interfaces or are customized to look like that. however, when trying to work with generally bright images or working in daylight on the reflective screens so common on macs i can see how this could get very hard to read. just taking a screenshot of the interface with tool icons set to greyscale and inverting it gives a pretty decent result already. shouldn't be too hard then to implement a slider for setting interface brightness in a decent range. one for background, the other one linked to that to adjust text and icon brightness?
  6. thomasp

    customizable shortcut keys

    indeed - and there it is! i could swear i did not see this in the previous version - when i went through preferences customizing the app. a recent addition? thanks - and please close/move this topic as you see fit. :)
  7. i'm not much of a photo editor but i work in 3D and generally use Photoshop for painting. industry standard and all. my little 2012 mini sidekick with Photo so far destroys my 3D workstation running Adobe for paint work/fluidity in large canvases. not to mention instant filters et al. ....now i find myself looking at mac pro's. ;) the other advantage that is very obvious is simply that it's not rental.
  8. i just signed up to post this as a feature request... :) i think this should be in both designer and photo and done so that it replaces the toolbar that now sits at the top of the interface. check out the 3D DCC 'maya' from autodesk for inspiration on how this could be done with a tabbed shelf to organize functionality in.

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