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  1. Derek M

    Clone Brush no longer working

    Great news Ulysses and sound advice. Glad to hear it wasn't just a fluke on my behalf.
  2. Derek M

    Clone Brush no longer working

    My clone brush now works as per normal and a previous inability to select multiple objects in other programs is also now sorted. So for me I have to assume that it was updating the Wacom driver that sorted it all out. Sorry I can't shed any more light on the subject.
  3. Derek M

    Clone Brush no longer working

    Thanks...Not sure there's a LMB equivalent on a keyboard ( I work with my wacom and keyboard shortcuts. No mouse ) But the plot thickens... I've just been on the Wacom site and noticed a new driver that I'm sure wasn't there the other day. I've installed/updated the driver and the functionality seems to have returned and all is working as before. So perhaps it was or is a Wacom issue and not an Affinity one. Be interesting to see if it works for others ??
  4. Affinity 1.7.0 and Mac Os 10.14.5 Awoke to find Affinity had changed/updated overnight?....Now clone brush keeps asking me to click and (alt key) as per normal but it's not happening with my Wacom tablet. It will work with a mouse but I don't use one. All my work is done using Wacom Intuos 5 touch. Clone worked fine before.??

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