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  1. Nudge settings in tool bar would be a great thing for me. I change the nudge distance settings a lot and having to do this in preferences over and over again is tedious.
  2. Same here. Snapping works when I use my mouse. However, when I use my Wacom tablet, snapping is the opposite.
  3. Hi Affinity, How do I print multiple of an artwork in a single paper?
  4. Hi, Any ideas on when the Beta for Affinity Publisher will be available?
  5. Hi there, How do I flow remaining text from a text frame to another text frame?
  6. Purchased AP and updated AD :) Congratulations to the team. Looking forward for Publisher :D
  7. Congratulations and I'm very happy that you guys are getting the recognition you deserve. Keep up the awesome work and from me: "Affinity all the way!!!"
  8. andyajon

    CDR Import

    Need this badly. I'm currently using CorelDRAW on Mac via Parallels and performance wise, it is not good. Please add CDR import file feature.
  9. I really need this feature. Would be extremely useful for precision work.
  10. Thanks for the guide Ben. Really appreciate it.
  11. How do I align an object to a Key Object?
  12. Please add Nudge Distance feature. This will assist everyone to precisely set a distance between one object to the other. Thanks.
  13. I would love to see the addition of importing CorelDRAW files (.cdr) to Affinity Designer as I have a lot of those.
  14. How do you set the distance between one object to the other? In CorelDraw, it's referred to as Nudge Distance. Is there a way to set this in Designer?