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  1. Thanks Meb Is there a way to put the nudge settings in a tool bar where i can see it i need to change it often and going all those steps are problem with speed
  2. Hi Guys is there a tool to draw measurement lines in Affinity designer? Also how do i change the step size? i want to move object a specific distance using the arrows on keyboard Edd.
  3. Thanks you very much. i have been learning a lot reading here in the forums and seeing youtube videos. if its not too much trouble i have another question how can i snap to vectors lets say i want to snap the corner of a square to a point in a circle so far i have only been able to snap to the bounding box and the middles thank you very much for all your help. edd.
  4. Thank you for your very fast response i have another question, how do you make sure 2 object have 1 border perfectly aligned? lets say 2 squares i draw parts to later cut on cnc equipment, that is why that feature is so useful to me. edd.
  5. Hi everybody new affinity designer user am giving it a shot since i just purchased a mac am a corel user and i was wondering if there is a shortcut to aling object like in corel i use them all the time in corel you select multiple object and pressing either L R U D or E you can align them to the last selected object any help will be appreciated Edd.
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