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  1. Measurement lines would be very useful as Affinity expands it presence/utility in fields like architecture, signage, engineering, etc. Manually creating them is doable, but tedious and requires multiple steps. Add my bump to add this to the "under development" list. (Or recruit a third party to make a plug-in.) Thanks!
  2. Are you using a tablet and stylus to do the drawing? Or mouse/touchpad? Asking because of how fluid your movements are. Really nice work! And what a great application for Designer!
  3. The export persona only exports to raster (bitmap) files, not vector of any kind (to include SVG). I'm using Silhouette Studio Designer with a Silhouette Portrait cutter. Today is my first day starting to sort this out. I ended up taking the objects I wanted to cut and placing them in a new file. Then did a combine to eliminate interior lines (tried without doing that and the Silhouette software cut all lines, essentially segmenting my piece. With the new SVG eliminating the interior lines, the Portrait cut out my object from card stock (for practice). I think it's only 80 lb so thee was some fuzzing at the cut. Once I sorted out the cut depth, things are looking pretty good. Tomorrow I'm going to do some vinyl cuts. In a perfect world, Affinity Designer will allow me to select an object or objects and export them to an SVG file which with a page size that is only big enough to hold the exported object(s). I'd also like to see some kind of "print selected" functionality that would only send the selected object to print.
  4. Is it possible to export selected object(s) as SVG? I need to export to SVG in order to drive a vinyl cutter. If this isn't currently possible, is it on the roadmap to be added?
  5. Just a shout out in support of swilcox. Connectors are great time savers if you're doing anything with some kind of a linked, mmm, connector like a flow diagram, info graphic, etc. When you need them, you usually need them badly.
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