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  1. Add link "Download All Designer Videos" bellow "View All Designer Videos". Do the same for Photo.
  2. Maybe it is a good idea to put the download link(s) on the Forum > Tutorials, separatelly for APh and AD to avoid such questions in the future?
  3. Hi, is it possible to make character(s) to have 2 colors and: 1. to be editable; 2. to change the second color easily (by rotating the mask); like in the attached file? 2 colors.pdf
  4. Hi, is it possible to download APh and AD video tutorials and how?
  5. Here are some suggestions about Affinity Publisher in attachment. These are from Viva Designer. There are some very interesting features not seen in InDesign and QuarkXPress: http://www.viva.us/en/products/desktop-publishing/vivadesigner-desktop-version/vivadesigner-features/vivadesigner-overview
  6. PowerBASIC. The best and fastest programming language in the world. Made completelly in assembler and you can write in assember inside it. http://www.powerbasic.com/ :)
  7. Yes, but Save-As does not delete previous versions. VAX/VMS systems had this options. Files were automatically named like (*.txt;1 *.txt;2... *.txt;3) whenever you pres Ctrl-S and when you activated Purge, all previous versions were deleted and the newest version was renamed to (*.txt). * = file name P.S. But. this tool should be part of the OS.
  8. And also, a purge. When the design is finished, to delete all previous version and leave only the latest one?
  9. Maybe it would be better to leave the decision to the user. Let Affinity allow the user to chose where (s)he wants to copy/duplicate the file - maybe on another hard disk, not on different partition on the same HD.
  10. Yes, I know that. I also do some programing in PowerBASIC. :)
  11. I will buy it when it comes to Windows platform. I don't have Mac. :)
  12. My motto is: "Less Adobe apps, more joy". BTW it is the same for Microsoft apps. :)
  13. I don't know how many units you support, but there will always be somebody who needs its own one (me included). Why is so hard to add this feature?
  14. By exporting Affinity document into PDF maybe? :)
  15. Is it a good idea to develop a new creating/viewing "PDF" app beside Adobe's Acrobat and Reader?
  16. 1. How much is TIF compatible with PSD files? 2. Does Affinity covers TIF format 100%? If so, maybe it is better to convert PSD to TIF an then import to AP to retain as much as possible from Photoshop documents?
  17. The names of Affinity trio is as much generic as possible. There are plenty apps with original names like Pixelmator, Picasa, Snapheal, Capture One... But, what's wrong with generic names? They are much easier to find.
  18. Hi, I would like to make a suggestion about changing Affinity app's names to match each other as they should be. 1. First suggestion Photographer Designer Publisher 2. Second suggestion Photo Design Publish As you see, in the first suggestion the name of Photo is extended to Photographer, and in the second, the names of Designer and Publisher are changed to match Photo.
  19. In QuarkXPress you can change leading, tracking... (and be more accurate) while holding ALT/OPTION by amount 0.1 of the unit. So, you in Affinity can add this feature and even be more creative by using some other modifier key (together with ALT, maybe) for even greater precision: 0.01 or 0.001.
  20. Maybe moving over the icons with mouse to display bigger icon (like with loupe) would be better solution?
  21. So, as I can see, lot of users need specific app features (ex: text/paragraph styles typical for an app like APublisher) to be requested for AD or APh and vice versa. And so, everything is going my way as I mentioned in some previous posts -- all three apps must be joined into one app (through Personas?) to avoid features duplication/triplication.
  22. They must be named by their ink percentage. And, after every ink change, the name must be changed, also. All "normal" colors must be replaced by global colors, too.
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