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  1. The layer should stay where it is whatever I do and it is my decision if I want to move it up or down.
  2. No, it doesn't matter if I am moving it within the artboard or outside.
  3. It happens in the newest version 2 -- beta and retail on Win 10: First I draw the ellipse and then the rectangle so the rectangle layer is above the ellipse layer. Then I move the rectangle layer bellow the ellipse layer. Now, when I move the rectangle object in any direction, it's layer moves above tle ellipse layer so I have to reposition it manually. And it happens again... and again. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I don't know if I understood you well, but cross references purpose is to link objects on different pages and help locating each other, not to move any text up or down, left or right. You have to do it manually.
  5. A little bit of clarifying: Indicator color should be editable with option to switch it on/off and automatically applied to the text formatted with that style.
  6. Hi, I do some coding from time to time and not so long ago I got and idea. (Almost) all Code Editors use colors to indicate statements, functions, quoted text... So, is it enough interesting to you, to implement this idea in Publisher? It would be something like this: Assign a color indicator next to the style name; Apply the color to paragraphs or characters as a text background or text color. This way we can easily find parts of text that have no text style assigned, or have wrong text styles. These colors must not be exported to PDF or other formats and must not be printed on paper. Only for redaction purposes.
  7. If the file is very complex (drop shadows, blends...) it must be flatened (broken into small pieces) to be printed corectly.
  8. It can't be done automatically in all situations. Lets say, sometimes two line must be joined into one, the author is listed bellow the title instead above...
  9. Sometimes, updating TOCs is nightmare, expecially when you do some manual adjustments. In MS Word, when you create TOC and then you need to add/remove some text, some of the subheads included in TOC change their previous locations, bot the TOC page numbers are automatically adjusted without updating it. No additional manual fixing.
  10. Now, when we have cross references, can we expect page numbers in TOC to be automatically cross referenced when Publisher creates TOC styles (something like MS Word) so we have auto page renumbering in TOC when text is changed?
  11. Sorry, I forgot one more feature: 6. When dragging a hor. guide with the mouse cursor outside page(s) then the guide has to be positioned over the whole spread, otherwise -- on that single page (like InDesign).
  12. What is even more interesting, for 6:30 or 18:30 they literally say "half seven". There is no word that explains if it is 30 minutes before or after seven o'clock.
  13. In this category belongs all ex-YU countries except Macedonia (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro).
  14. You would be even more amazed when you hear people saying 6:30 when it is actually 18:30. It is not hard to distinguish if it is 6:30 at morning or at afternoon if you live in central or southern Europe, but if you live in far north countries where they have white nights -- it is not clear at all.
  15. Oh, I see. I think it would be exaggerating to ask for that feature having in mind that it would not have any practical use.
  16. Sorry, but IMO it would be more logical if you switch these patterns: hour in am/pm (0~11) to be H, HH; and hour in day (0~23) to be K, KK
  17. This is very nice feature and very usefull. BTW, how you managed to change the guide from solid line to dash-dot in the example? I'd like to see these improvements to this panel: To change the color of any H&V guide. To have separate Gutters for Rows and Columns. Possibility to place Column Guides on whole pages or spread, not only inside margins. Angled guides. If Spread Origin is changed then Column Guides should start from the new 0, 0 point.
  18. Are you doing this because some headers are too long and you want to break them where you want? If so, you can break it with <SHIFT> + <RETURN> and type a space before it. This need only one paragraph style.
  19. Yes. Two prices -- for one product or universal licence. As they say and we hope.
  20. That's why InDesign has "Hyphenate Across Column" feature.
  21. No. It is 24h after last start. If it was at 10 PM then next check will be after 10 PM the next day and I will start it at 8 AM that day.
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