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  1. Hi, I would like to see "Zoom to Margins" feature and when scrolling up/down with arrow keys then next/previous page to stay zoomed to the margins, not partially displayed.
  2. Me, too. I did it by mistake and it took me a few minutes before I realised they are outside the layer. I think it is a bit confusing because artboards are treated as layers. They have to have their own panel like pages in Publisher.
  3. Hi, look at this example. The triangles are outside the layer. Now, when I select all elements and try to group them, the house is moved toward the triangles. If you put them inside the layer everthing is OK. Is this normal? proba.afdesign
  4. Hi, for those who don't need Publisher, it would be good to have Designer Persona in Photo and vice versa. For the rest of us, it would be good, too, when we choose Photo Persona to get all Personas that Photo has.
  5. Thank you @GarryP. It was about the pressure. I used it for a line in the book and I didn't realise it is still active. Now, everything is OK.
  6. Hi, I wanted to export some Designer files into SVG and PDF for those ones who didn't use Affinity suite, but I have some problems with the circles as you can see from the files I attached. Can somebody explain to me what am I doing wrong? Thank you. MAKLIT.afdesign MAKLIT.pdf MAKLIT.svg
  7. Hi, can you explain better what you mean by placeholders? What happened when you pasted them into Designer? Maybe some visual example to see it in action? Thank you.
  8. The RGB values you see here are form the period introducing color TVs. There was a problem watching color programs on B&W TVs so the experts have to do something. After some time experimenting they found the values I put here.
  9. I've just watched Affinity Revolution video where they suggest these values for accurate converting color photos into B&W: R: 30 Y: 89 G: 59 C: 70 B: 11 M: 41
  10. Hi, I am on Windows and just created a "Black and White Adjustment" preset, but I can't find it anywhere when I wanted to applied it on a color photo.
  11. Yes, I know it can rescale fine, but good it is if the picture is out of the margins (see atachment) even out of page (the three nodes on the gray background). What I want is Publisher to rescale the image to fit proportionaly inside the margins.
  12. No, it is not going to be a problem, because all three standards paper formats A, B, and C are DIN standards and the ratio of the page sides (hegiht : width) is always 1 : SQR(2).
  13. If I export from Word A4 size to PDF it will be still A4 and the book is usually smaller like A5 or B5 size. So, nothing changes. The images (and the tables) have to be resized manually.
  14. This is an extra step that I would use only in emergencies. It does not solve the "problem" either. I still have to resize images manually.
  15. This "problem" occurs when importing text files from text processors with embeded images. The authors always enter their text in A4 format and include the images into Word and resize them to fit the margins. Now, when they are impoerted in B5 or A5 format, images are wider or higner than the margins (text frame). The same problem is with the tables. They are also wider than the margins and they have to be resized, too. So, I would like images to be resized by size, not by changing their resolution. 1. Not to be distorted i.e. not to be resized by width or by height only. 2. Big in dimensions, if their width or height is bigger than the text frame wwidth or height.
  16. Hi, Are there any chances to add a feature to resize big images proportionaly in Publisher during import to fit text frame? The same "problem" is with wider tables, but IMO it is much harder to make them fit.
  17. Each feature has its complexity. Some of them can be done within seconds, but some of them need much more. Much, much more. Trust me, I've been in these waters.
  18. Yes, I'm waiting for it impatiently to leave InDesign as I did with Photoshop and Illustrator.
  19. There is a trial period for any Affinity software. Why you bought it before trying it first? No, this is not an issue. Real issue is that I am waiting for years Microsoft to add complete video capabilities into Notepad, which makes me really nervouus.
  20. This is not an issue. It is a feature that is expected in a near future.
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