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  1. Is possible to create a table from selected text as in PagePlus X9?
  2. Antonio Costanzo

    Arrows up and down to easily regulate sizes

    This also works! Thank you for your indication, R C-R.
  3. Antonio Costanzo

    Arrows up and down to easily regulate sizes

    Dear Aammppaa, Thank you very much for your reply. It works as you said! Antonio
  4. Hi, I cannot find the arrow feature to regulate sizes and things like that in Affinity Designer and Publisher. Is it possible to reset this feature as in PagePlus X9? Please see my file attached. Thank you for your attention, Antonio
  5. Dear Developers, I would just like to hint at the right translation of the English word “paragraph”. This word can be translated in Italian both by “paragrafo” and “capoverso”. When talking about things as “paragraph” as «opposed» to “character” the correct translation of “paragraph” is “capoverso”. Unfortunately, software developers, when translating “paragraph”, have made life difficult for us as they have rather chosen the wrong or at least improper word “paragrafo”. This is a source of big confusion in Italian because “capoverso” and “paragrafo” are not the same thing! I know that that is difficult to go upstream now as many programs show the wrong word. They talk about “stile paragrafo” instead of the right “stile capoverso”. However, a change is required in order to avoid confusion and it may be that other software developers in future make the right word choice. Would it not be great if Affinity would be the first software showing the right word? Thank you for your patience and attention. Antonio p. s. Here you can see a definition in the official webside of “Accademia della Crusca” about this topic: http://www.accademiadellacrusca.it/it/lingua-italiana/consulenza-linguistica/domande-risposte/alinea-capoverso-comma-paragrafo