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  1. At least, we agree that something like this is need it and how you will use it is up to your liking. Well, you'll have to do some math and adjustments, as well.
  2. Let say, something like this: Heading -- space from top margin = 0 mm Subheading -- space from top margin = 15 mm QuoteSubheading -- space from top margin = 40 mm Body Text - no indent -- space from top margin = 70 mm Body Text -- space from top margin = 0 mm (means it starts immediately after the previous paragraph which is in this case Body text - no indent) and after that everything works as it works now.
  3. Long time ago I asked for the same feature and suggested Affinity to add in paragraph styles option -- something like "space before" -- which will start a paragraph at a specific distance from top margin (not from a last line of a previous paragraph). I find this very useful, but others users suggest to me to do a workarround with tables -- which is not very elegant.
  4. When they will scale it to 1:1 the image would be 30 dpi at least, which is OK for such a big print. I'm doing the same.
  5. In that case, do not select anything. I agree with the author of the thread @Helmut Hauser.
  6. There are all kind of us but, nevertheless, Publisher is still DTP and layout app.
  7. Much better solution is Python or JavaScript. Personally, I prefer Python.
  8. Sorry, my bad. By 'Mac" I thought of 'Apple'. And by: I thought they have a Windows one.
  9. I don't think Affinity will start with subscription model but, if so, I will stop using it (as I told to Pixelmator Pro when I got an announcement they start subscribing model with Pixelmator Photo).
  10. I don't think so. Page is usually a piece of paper for writing/printing or a web page. Canvas is used by the artists to paint on them with brushes and other materials.
  11. Actually, there is no "canvas" in Designer. When you create a new document you can set page width and height.
  12. As we know Publisher uses pages, Designer -- artboards and Photo -- page/artboard = ? But, if Designer uses artboards, why when creating a new document it is set to create a new page instead of artboard. Yes, I know there is a checkbox for artboard creation, but it is not the point. Lets say you created a new page. After that there is no option AFAIK to add a new single or facing page(s) and when you select "Create Artboard" tool -- the page vanishes. So, what is the purpose of the (only one) page you can create? Why this option is not removed and let Designer works only with artboards as it should be? NOTE: Not intereseted in setting "Create Artboard" as default.
  13. It is empty because it contains text with more than one font. If you select a font from the "font display bar" then all of your text will be formated with that font.
  14. It can be done this way: If an object/layer is selected then you crop only the selection; If no object/layer is selected, then when you click on crop tool, the complete document is selected for cropping.
  15. I just wanted to be sure it can't be used the same way as in Designer and Publisher to make suggestion to the Affinity Team.
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