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  1. Just thought it'd be nice to have an eraser tool in the vector/curves persona. Being able to erase part of a vector shape is really nice feature when you don't want to be doing everything manually by using the pen tool. Thanks!
  2. I think it'd be great to be able to define custom global and/or per-document grids. I was recently in Inkscape, and being able to have custom grid increments/colors/types is a pretty nice feature. Thinking these might be some nice grid settings (global and/or per-document): - X&Y coord. minor grid-line increments (also choose units in px, pt, in, etc.) - X&Y coord. major grid-line increments (also choose units in px, pt, in, etc.) - minor grid-line color - major grid-line color - grid type (line, dot) Thanks!
  3. jgrayillustrate

    Spirit and Skill (WIP)

    Here's a WIP logo idea I made for a new pod/webcast I'm thinking about maybe starting up.
  4. jgrayillustrate

    Spirit and Skill (WIP)

    I imagine people here call it that a lot - Some people refer to it simply as "The D" as well. :) Thanks MattP! :D
  5. jgrayillustrate

    Spirit and Skill (WIP)

    Thanks retrograde! It would mainly consist of discussing and promoting insight, creativity and excellence in regard to the Christian faith. I'd like to interview people (creatives, entrepreneurs, activists, authors, etc.) and discuss with them how and why they do what they do. I'd also like to talk about what God is accomplishing through them and how they are walking their faith out in their callings, gifts, etc. Also, I'm a Jewish believer in Jesus, and I think the menorah/ichthys/magen david combination symbol looks really interesting. I also go to a church in Detroit, and I love the revival mentality there (spiritual as well as socio-economical) - so I hope to have people on that are more involved with what's going on in Detroit. Hopefully it would be an encouragement to other Christians as well as just in an interesting niche resource for people in general. Thanks again!
  6. jgrayillustrate

    Spirit and Skill (WIP)

    I'm thinking the final design should be this...
  7. jgrayillustrate

    Spirit and Skill (WIP)

    and some more again...
  8. jgrayillustrate

    Spirit and Skill (WIP)

    Some more ideas...
  9. I was expecting a lot more out of that app. I'd love it if there was a dedicated app that had the capabilities of the tracing features in Illustrator - I'm not sure why someone hasn't made that yet, seems like it'd be a lucrative opportunity.
  10. Real quick - I bought it and it seems pretty limited. Another app (free) seems to offer a little more control, though I think it only converts to B&W: http://www.geocities.jp/applescriptdepot/iWeb/AppleScriptDepot/Cocoapotrace.html
  11. HEADS UP!!! Super Vectorizer in the App Store is on sale right now for $0.99 (originally $29.99). Looks like this app would handle tracing bitmap to vector generally well. Merry Christmas!!!
  12. +1 If third-party plugin capabilities (preferably with Javascript) were added I would make an attempt to put together a rudimentary plugin for this.
  13. I really think this is a great idea. Being able to program plugins could take a serious load off of the Affinity Team to implement larger feature requests and allow third-party developers to make plugins for the smaller feature requests. Also, with Yosemite allowing for Javascript programming, I for one would be willing to whip up some simple potrace/vectorizer plugin. +1
  14. jgrayillustrate

    Cloud Sync / Not just files.

    I like that the Cloud integration is more decoupled, but yes, further development on this would be awesome!
  15. jgrayillustrate

    Grain/Noise effect

    I would +1 more intricate noise capabilities, as well as a halftone dot effect/tool/feature.
  16. jgrayillustrate

    Tool options menus

    I think in Illustrator, when you select a shape tool - you can perform a key command (I think option+click) to pull up a menu for that shape tool in order to pre-define the shape you want to create. So, let's say you wanted a rounded rectangle at 100px x 100px with a 20px corner-radius, you would be able to set those properties in the options menu and then click a submit type button and it would create the shape on the artboard for you. Currently, (as far as I know) you can only create the shape by clicking and dragging the shape to whatever size on the artboard. I'm assuming there may be an options menu for at least some tools, or a feature request out there for this feature already - but just in case there isn't yet, here you are. Thanks!
  17. jgrayillustrate

    Gradient Mesh

    Looking forward to this :)
  18. jgrayillustrate

    Linux. Seriously now.

    What about the Ubuntu Software Centre?
  19. jgrayillustrate

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Just to chime in briefly, as an illustrator/designer/developer, I would personally love to have a great vector program for Linux because: - You don't seem to have many of the limitations and controlled experience as you do with Macs. - I like using the command line for things like web development task running/workflow. However, I imagine supporting a Linux version would slow down feature enhancements/updates and it would be less robust.
  20. jgrayillustrate

    [AD] Vector persona eraser tool

    Thanks for the info! Is an eraser tool in the Draw/vector/curves persona going to be added to the roadmap for a future release?
  21. jgrayillustrate

    New Logo Please!

    removed content.
  22. jgrayillustrate

    New Logo Please!

    removed content.

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