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  1. I noticed, probably since you've released different versions of Designer and Photo to the app store that the "Edit in Designer" option in Photo is greyed out, and vica versa. When is this functionality coming back? Its really useful!
  2. in both Photo and Designer, how do we toggle the blue bounding boxes on and off? Not so much an issue in Designer, but in Photo its essential... you can't see your composition clearly with that blue box distracting you, especially when creating digital art and photo retouching. Help to find this option in the menu would be appreciated!
  3. Really weird, I have 1.5.1 installed and there's no update option for 1.5.3... I've refreshed the app store, but it still just shows the "Open" button under the icon. Maybe there is a regional release time difference? Im on the west coast of the USA.
  4. Had the same issue, and found PDF Attributes on the App Store. Free, and can edit certain fields other PDF metadata editors cannot. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdf-attributes/id593341977?mt=12
  5. Okay here's what I think is going on... so the Designer doc has a color calibration to ASUS set up, which is a weird default, so I set it to the standard sRGB and exported some PSD docs, and now PS can open them no problem. You may want to have the check box in the export dialog "Compatibility Mode" auto-magically switch the Color Profile to a native PS format like that sRGB profile so it doesn't have this conflict.
  6. oh wait I spoke too soon. Okay sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know whats up with this. heres the error I get when I export a PSD from Designer and then try to open it in PS CC (latest version). Ive attached the PS exported file, standard settings from Designer. Pls try for yourself to open in PS CC. clock spring testing.psd
  7. OMG! I just did it again, and now it works great. Man, I don't know what I was doing wrong, but f*ing PS would not accept any file I made from Designer. Okay great, thanks for reply/support/good juju magic that resolved my issue. Cheers JA
  8. Hi! So what I need to to be able to create a vector object within Designer and export a PSD file that within Photoshop is the vector object and its a shape layer. Is this possible? I just want to get a editable vector shape into Photoshop (Photoshop is being a real jerk with getting vectors into the program as shapes... :P)
  9. @jmac, well I don't mean that literally. It's like a smart object, but it's not.
  10. I feel the same way as onamac. Please use asset management that uses the OS folder system as the baseline, so we can manage and edit our photos from the DAM app and have those changes reflected in the folder system. Example: I use the Affinity DAM app to change 50K photos on a shared Dropbox, and a co-worker can use those photos without the app without any issues. I stopped using Lightroom recently and use Finder and Photos... its so basic, but it works, it's future-friendly and it's uncomplicated.
  11. Haha @jmac, ya I understand your confusion. It took me a couple of reads to catch on! Basically a raster bitmap layer defaults as a Smart Object in AF, unlike Photoshop where it defaults as a raster and you have to turn it into a Smart Object first. @MEB, I like this workflow, I've wanted that to be the default with PS for a while, so that's cool you are on the same line of thinking as me :) ;)
  12. I'm indifferent to 32bit PSD, and it is possible to render the multi-channel PSDs as TIFFS and open them. From the standpoint of a pro Photoshop user (15+ years) the one thing I've always enjoyed is the universal nature of PSD compatibility, so basically a .psd extension means I can open and use it in Photoshop. So ya, I do consider it an important piece of Affinity Photo's game to be able to open PSD files without exception, and for it to work and render exactly as it does in Photoshop. Otherwise I can't abandon Photoshop. If I can't abandon PS, hence I pay $9.95/mo for PS CC, then it stands to reason, why would I use Affinity Photo at all. I'm paying for Photoshop still... right? Just saying ;)
  13. I found out it's on the Designer roadmap, so please please please put it into Photo as well!!! ( it's my Go-To digital art transform feature in PS, can't live without it! ).
  14. Hey, Id like to see an ability to "Distort" an object to use the Photoshop terminology (right-click Transform > Distort). The BIG Q is, can I do this right now?? (And I just don't get how to invoke it yet!) See attached Img. Cheers JA
  15. Hey, so I'm not totally clear on how Affinity handles objects/layers. When I resize a bitmap layer, upscaling it, does it retain the same pixel data and is just enlarged? Within Photoshop, upscaling a bitmap object without first turning it into a Smart Object will inflate the image with more pixels. So are bitmap object in both Designer and Photo acting somewhat like PS Smart Objects..? Please explain! Thanks! JA
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