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Resizing Objects, non-destructive..?

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Hey, so I'm not totally clear on how Affinity handles objects/layers.


When I resize a bitmap layer, upscaling it, does it retain the same pixel data and is just enlarged?


Within Photoshop, upscaling a bitmap object without first turning it into a Smart Object will inflate the image with more pixels. 


So are bitmap object in both Designer and Photo acting somewhat like PS Smart Objects..?


Please explain!






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Hi IamJaGold,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Yes, resizing in Affinity (Image layers) is a non-destructive operation, the original data of the image is kept and the resampling is only used to display it on screen and when you export it, unless you downscale and rasterise it for editing which will then convert it to a Pixel layer with the same dpi as you document.

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This is exactly the kind of thing that leaves me questioning wether I can replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo. It is not a knock on AF. I simply don't understand anything either of you said in the previous posts.

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Haha @jmac, ya I understand your confusion.


It took me a couple of reads to catch on! 

Basically a raster bitmap layer defaults as a Smart Object in AF, unlike Photoshop where it defaults as a raster and you have to turn it into a Smart Object first.


@MEB, I like this workflow, I've wanted that to be the default with PS for a while, so that's cool you are on the same line of thinking as me :)


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